Orchids Press Release

India, September, 2023: Renowned Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has partnered through his organization Da One Sports Company with Orchids The International School, Sonipat to unveil an exciting venture aimed at transforming sports training and fostering sports excellence among students in their early years of schooling.This partnership will set its sights on cultivating and enhancing a culture of discipline, teamwork, determination, and athleticism in young minds at Orchids The International School, Sonipat.

This association with Da One focuses on exclusive professional sports training, which will be held on DPS and NBC campuses in Sonipat, Haryana. By harnessing Shikhar Dhawan’s cricketing expertise and Da One Sports Company’s well-structured methods, the partnership will offer a transformative sports training experience to students. The fusion of Dhawan’s insights and Da One’s approach in the sports curriculum promise a high sports training paradigm for these campuses, equipping students to excel not just athletically, but holistically in their respective individual journeys.

Commenting on the partnership Amitesh Shah, CEO of Da One Group, an initiative by Shikhar Dhawan says “Embracing the spirit of sports, Da One Sports proudly joins hands with Orchid The International School, Sonipat and DPS, Sonipat, in our journey towards a fitter and more vibrant India. Each partnership we forge propels us closer to our vision of a healthier nation. With a focus on nurturing upcoming athletes through unwavering dedication and vigilant guidance, we’re poised to shape a brighter future together.”

Harsh Gupta, Vice President of Student Welfare, Orchids The International School said, “We are thrilled to start this path of nurturing young talents through this collaboration with Da One Sports company and Shikhar Dhawan. This initiative will undoubtedly inspire our students to pursue sports with more dedication and passion. In a holistic way, this initiative will contribute to shaping individuals capable of excelling at the international sporting platforms”.

Orchids The International School, Sonipat contributes to this relationship with its academic prowess and dedication to holistic development of young minds. This partnership will enable students to access a platform that effortlessly combines professional sports training and academic brilliance.

For more information about the Sports Camps and registration details, please visit Orchids website or contact 8059726020.