Egypt, Cairo, Wednesday, 21st September 2023 -Fawry, the leading company in the field of banking technology and electronic payments, praised the level of competition in “Egypt Padel Tour” a series of Padel tournaments that have been held for three years until now, during which 35 tournaments have been organized in 27 different places in 5 cities with the participation of more than 700 players, with the aim of providing a professional competitive experience for Padel players.

“Fawry” also praised the honorable organization, professionalism and high competitive spirit demonstrated in the tournaments held this season since the beginning of March and continuing until the end of this year.

“Fawry” sponsors the “Egypt Padel Tour” as part of its permanent strategy to support the Egyptian community, the sports community, and sports tournaments. The company aims to support and effectively promote competitions and tournaments in the sports field in Egypt by providing all forms of material and moral support that contribute to improving the Egyptian sports system.

“EPT” tournaments are a huge gathering of Padel enthusiasts from all over Egypt, a game that has gained rapid spread in recent years, as it suits all ages of men and women, with different levels of physical fitness. The tournament also represents an opportunity to know each other, exchange experiences and cultures, and enjoy the wonderful entertainment atmosphere that develops friendship bonds on the competitive level and even outside the framework of matches on the social level.

In addition to sponsorship, “Fawry” supports “EPT” with the latest financial technology, allowing the prize money to be awarded to the winning players via myfawry “yellowcard”, and allowing players the possibility of issuing the card during of the tournament for free, in order to enhance the culture of contactless transactions in sports events and the sports field in general.

Wael Wahby

Wael Wahby, Chief Marketing Officer at “Fawry”, said: “This cooperation is at the heart of our commitment to support sports institutions and their efforts towards digital transformation and digitizing the organization of events and tournaments”.

He added:” On the other hand, our sponsorship of EPT tournaments comes to exploit our huge customer base to shed light on modern sports such as Padel and enhance their spread to provide the opportunity for game lovers to express themselves, demonstrate their competence and abilities, and encourage the competitive spirit among them through a series of matches that bring together players in different age groups from all governorates of the Republic, which helps in building champions who can raise Egypt’s flags in regional and global tournaments.”

Khaled Nagy

Khaled Nagy, CEO of EPT, said: “I am proud to cooperate with “Fawry”, the leading company in the field of electronic payment in Egypt. It is also an important step that means a lot to me and the company. It will help us grow and expand by holding other tournaments and spreading the culture of the game among Egyptian public.”

He added: “It will also help us facilitate payment processes for our customers and improve their experience, due to the secure and innovative solutions that “Fawry” provides, and we are excited about the success and development that this partnership will bring to our company.”