Bijoylaxmi Hota’s latest book highlights the role of Yoga in healing a post-pandemic world

Renowned yoga therapist Bijoylaxmi Hota released her latest book titled “Yoga for super immunity.” published by Rupa Publication The book highlights benefits of yoga in increasing immunity and tackling various post-pandemic ailments in a holistic manner.She also took –YOGA WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN and also did Yogic consultation the event was held at ICC-India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Road, Delhi
According to Guru Bijoylaxmi Hota:” Long isolation of the pandemic, excessive screen timing, lack of outdoor activities and the surrounding gloom have created conditions in children which can cause various physical and emotional problems for them in time to come. As it is their stress level is so high that in a study 16% of the school children in Delhi were found to be having high blood pressure. Other stress related diseases that are increasingly affecting the children all over the world are diabetes and cancer. They are even turning to drugs and crimes unthinkable for their age.
Instead of showing concern over the children’s problems, positive steps should be taken to solve them before it is too late. ” Relevant yogic practices are the best means to do that.
Yogic eye exercises
, Surya Namaskar
and neti can strengthen their internal organs including the nerves and the eyes, while a combination of two minutes of om chanting, eleven times Gayatri mantra along with its mudras, and two minutes of cathartic meditation daily can eliminate their stress completely. tThe workshop

Well-known yoga therapist, healer, and author BijoylaxmiHota latest book that shared various yoga techniques and asanas that can help in a long-term impact to heal one’s body from the inside. The asanas included in the book will help the reader to detoxify and destress along with build a better immunity in the body which might have been impaired due to the pandemic. The book that has been published by Rupa Publications has 150 pages of immensely useful information and gives readers an impactful insight into how yoga can be a holistic healing path.

The lasting impact of Covid on the physical and mental well-being of people around the world cannot be ignored. Recurring covid infections have rendered the immunity low and mental health very disturbed. In such a scenario, yoga has emerged to be a solace for many. More and more people are opting for it as a fitness regime.

Hota is a well-known yoga therapist with more than four decades of experience. She has successfully treated various ailments ranging from asthma, arthritis, and backache to even tumours and cancer with the help of her holistic treatments. She has written 11 books on yoga and diets including the best seller “Yoga for Busy People” which has also been listed among the eminent Yoga Gurus of India. Her last book ‘Yoga for Weight Loss’ was featured in the Times of India among the “Top books of 2019 to look out for.” Ministry of External Affairs has listed one of her books ‘Yoga and Meditation for Ailments’, as number one in their list of top 12 Yoga books from India.

Hota has dedicated her life to the practice and spread of Yogic knowledge and since the pandemic, she has been extensively involved to spread the knowledge about how to use Yoga to manage the pandemic-related illnesses. This book is her endeavor for the same.