Mumbai 12 September 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free streaming service, recently released a fantasy dramedy, Lucky Guy. The series takes the audience through the life of Lucky, a college student who appears to have had everything since birth but faces difficulties when his family turns against him. The highly entertaining web series, developed by Swagger Sharma, explores the age-old debate over whether exceptional luck is a blessing or a curse. The series features Swagger Sharma, Tithi Raaj, Ankur Pathak, Vishal Vashishtha, Akanksha Singh, and others, who deliver strong performances. Swagger Sharma plays a captivating and exciting character who unfolds the significance of luck in one’s life.

Talking about his co-actors, Swagger remarked, “It was an amazing experience because all the co-actors were skilled and trained with so much experience. and having a wonderful cast with you adds a significant plus to every scene. So I believe all of the co-actors gave that extra push and something to every scene we shot. And it will be visible in their performance in Lucky Guy, and you will feel that this is something which a director or a writer won’t tell, they themselves have done these advances and improvisations”.

Watch Lucky Guy as the light-hearted drama takes you on a trip of luck, streaming live on Amazon miniTV, free on the Amazon Shopping app, on Fire TV, and on the Play Store.