U.S. News & World Report’s list of 2023 Best Online Programs ranks Fairfield Dolan among the Top 100 at #75 for Best Online Master’s in Business Programs; the School of Education and Human Development is ranked #124 for Best Online Master’s in Education Programs.

Fairfield University’s Online Graduate Business and Education Programs

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (January 24, 2023)—Fairfield University’s graduate business and graduate education programs have once again been ranked on U.S. News’ annual Best Online Programs list. In the 2023 edition, FairfieldDolan was ranked in the Top 100 at #75 (T) in the Best Online Master’s in Business Programs category, out of 211 schools. Fairfield’s School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) also fared well and was ranked #124 (T) out of 329 schools in the Best Online Master’s in Education Programs category, for its Master’s in Educational Technology Program. The ed tech program is designed to equip and empower educators to transform learning and ensure success for schools in the digital age.

The 2023 Best Online Master’s in Business Programs rankings assess master’s-level business degree programs that are not MBA programs, such as graduate business programs in accounting, finance, insurance, marketing and management. For the 2023 edition, U.S. News ranked online business programs using five categories: Engagement (30%), Peer Assessment (25%), Faculty Credentials and Training (15%), Student Excellence (15%), and Services and Technologies (15%).

For the 2023 edition of the Best Online Master’s in Education Programs, U.S. News ranked schools based on the following five categories: Engagement (30%), Faculty Credentials and Training (20%), Peer Assessment (20%), Service and Technologies (20%), and Student Excellence (10%).

According to U.S. News, “This January, U.S. News’ latest rankings evaluated the largest number of online degree programs in its history, as record numbers of programs reported data on their new and existing online bachelor’s and master’s degree offerings.”

For more information on Fairfield University’s online programs please visit: https://www.fairfield.edu/online-programs/

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