CREST Olympiads

New Delhi; 12/10/2023: Recently, the craze of the CREST Olympiads has proliferated not only among brilliant students but also among their parents and teachers. Though there are many reasons, one of the most important among them is the variety of opportunities and exposure it provides to students. This Olympiad is considered one of the first online Olympiads conducted among many schools and for many subjects. Subjects such as English, Reasoning, Spelling Bee, Mathematics, Science, and even Cyber are included in this Olympiad. Hence, the exams are taken by students from 40+ countries. This includes most of the countries in South-East Asia, Middle East, Europe apart of United States, Australia and Canada.

CREST Olympiads has started its registration for 2023-24, and the exam dates for CMO, CSO, CEO, CRO, CCO, CSBW etc., have also been announced at Exams for every subject will be held on different dates so that students can apply for two or more subjects. The dates of the CREST Olympiads according to subjects are as follows:

CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) – 2nd and 22nd December 2023 for Level 1 and 6th February 2024 for Level 2.

CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) Winter Round – 9th and 20th January 2024 for Level 1.

CREST English Olympiad (CEO) – 29th November and 9th December 2023 for Level 1 and 30th January 2024 for Level 2.

CREST Science (CSO) – 5th and 16th December 2023 for Level 1 and 2nd February 2024 for Level 2.

CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO) – 13th January and 25th January 2024 for Level 1.

CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO) – 11th and 23rd January 2024 for Level 1.

The time slot for all these Olympiads will be between 11 am to 7 p.m. on the assigned exam dates. This means that students can give these Olympiads from their home anytime within this time slot.

Speaking about the prizes for students who excel in these Olympiads, different criteria are set for zonal and international toppers. Right from trophies to gold, silver, and bronze medals, there is recognition for top 50% of the students. Students were also awarded cash scholarships for recently conducted CREST EduFund Mental Maths Olympiad (CEMMO). Students also use CREST Olympiads scores for school admissions and entrance to foreign colleges.

The fees for Indian school students is Rs.225, while for international students, the fee is USD 15. CREST Olympiads has multiple payment options to accept fees in various international currencies.

Nitin Godawat, Director, CREST Olympiad says It gives me immense pleasure to introduce an Olympiad for kids who are the future of our nation encouraging kids and giving them the path to be successful is very important and we take it as our mission and vision. Seeing students coming out with flying colours is our motive.