Bangalore, March 24 2023: Brain4ce Educations Solutions Pvt Ltd (represented by the brand name Edureka), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Veranda Learning Solutions Limited (“Veranda”), a publicly listed ed-tech company (BSE: 543514, NSE: VERANDA), has announced the launch of a new programme – “ChatGPT Complete Course: Beginners to Advanced Certification Programme.”

Even if one is not into artificial intelligence, it is time to pay attention to ChatGPT due to the impact it has made. ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history and has gained massive popularity across domains, after it was made public last November. So, one must make every effort to learn and benefit from this advanced language model.

The programme is designed to help learners gain skills that are required to keep pace with current technology trends. The curriculum will equip learners with skills like Natural Language Processing, Fine-Tuning Pre-Trained Language Models, Implementing GPT-3 model, Deploying and Integrating ChatGPT, Working with OpenAI API and Developing ChatGPT-Powered Applications.

Speaking about the new programme, Vineet Chaturvedi, CEO of Edureka, believes that investing in one’s self development is core to success in this century. “With new tech trends emerging in the market every few months, it is imperative that one stay up-to-date with current tech knowledge and skills. With this new programme, we are looking to help people master this viral chatbot, and also use technology in the right context,” he said.

Edureka is offering learners an opportunity to advance their AI knowledge and expertise through the ChatGPT certification training programme. Upon completion of the programme, one will be equipped with the knowledge and proficiency to effectively leverage ChatGPT for a wide range of use cases. As the name suggests, this programme is meant not just for professionals — it is equally amazing for beginners. The training curriculum includes components such as Using ChatGPT for Live Coding, Building, Optimizing, and Scaling Business Using ChatGPT, Using ChatGPT for Language Translation and Code Generation and Code Debugging with ChatGPT