The online ‘Amrit Course’ will be a boon for the students, giving them access to Complete JEE/ NEET 2024-25 Online Preparation Package at an affordable price

Motion Education, a leading institute for medical and engineering entrance exam, has launched an online course, ‘Amrit – Complete JEE/ NEET 24-25 Online Preparation Package’ at the most disruptive price. The course is designed to ease the IIT JEE & NEET preparation for the aspirants.

Vouching for affordable and accessible education, it offers integrated solutions to scale the performance of the students. To achieve this purpose, the course is well supported by Text and Video enabled revision solutions and recorded video lectures to enable flexibility in learning for maximum reception. In addition to this, it will be offering Daily Practice Problem sheets (DPPs) and All India Test series for monitoring the progress of the students.

The students will be able to avail the complete course at an affordable price of Rs 999 and Rs 1499 for JEE/ NEET preparation. The course has been curated comprehensively under the guidance of experienced faculty to maximize the learning potential of the students.

Speaking on the launch, Nitin Viijay, the Founder & CEO of Motion Education, said, “We at Motion Education understand the importance of the right to quality education at affordable price. For which, our latest online Amrit Course focuses on empowering students with limited resources to get accessible and affordable courses at the convenience of their fingertips. For ensuring maximum output, the course is offered at the most disruptive pricing with comprehensive solutions to provide the best learning experience to students. It allows them to learn at their own individual pace and learning capacity without compromising on their school or everyday schedule. At the same time, it disintegrates the geographical barrier facilitating students to take the course from any part of the country.”