India, 18 September 2023 – Cambridge Mathematics, in a groundbreaking partnership with Minecraft Education, is proud to announce the launch of a transformative learning experience, M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem. This innovative educational adventure is designed to revolutionize the way students engage with mathematics, making it a delightful and captivating journey for learners of all ages. M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem transports you to Egypt, where a Mummy is said to still roam the ancient sites. Gamers will put their mathematics skills to the test to unlock the secrets of the past.

Minecraft offers an engaging way to teach and learn mathematics, as the game’s fundamental structure requires exploration and a problem-solving approach. Geometry concepts like shape, symmetry, and spatial reasoning, are woven into the world more tightly than the wrapping of the Mummy’s bandages. Minecraft Education worked with experts from Cambridge Mathematics, part of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, which is working to champion a world-class mathematics education for every learner from their earliest experiences.

Justin Edwards, Director of Learning Experiences from Minecraft Education said: “Mathematics teachers face several challenges, from students’ lack of confidence to the abstract subject matter. Students are often expected to solve problems without context or relevancy, which impacts their retention and motivation.”

A game-based approach can increase students’ interest and engagement in mathematics. Engaged students are more likely to actively participate in their learning, which can lead to improved mathematical outcomes.

Rachad Zaki, Director of Cambridge Mathematics said: “We were delighted to be approached by Microsoft to support the design of a new Minecraft mathematics game. We hope that this world will bring everyone joy while learning geometry through various fun and engaging puzzles, in the classroom, or at home, individually or in groups.”

M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem, which is accessible to learners from primary age onwards, will be available in 29 languages for both Minecraft Education and Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace.

In a parallel effort, experts from Cambridge English have also partnered with Minecraft to develop Adventures in English games, such as the recent Gormi’s Winter Wonderland, further enhancing the gamified learning experience in the domain of English language education.