Bikano launches 'Maa Se Behtar Hume Jaane Kaun' Campaign

New Delhi, May 20th, 2023: A mother’s love is profound and boundless, transcending all boundaries. She possesses an extraordinary ability to decipher our thoughts, emotions, and desires even before we articulate them. Through a mere glance or gentle touch, she intuitively senses our joy, sadness, or apprehension. This innate intuition surpasses words, enabling her to know us better than anyone else. With her unwavering love and maternal instinct, she weaves an unbreakable bond that defies time, distance, and circumstances. Recognising and celebrating this eternal bond of love and maternal instinct, Bikano, India’s beloved snack and packaged food manufacturing company, proudly unveiled a unique campaign, ‘Maa Se Behtar Hume Jaane Kaun’ in Delhi NCR, coinciding with the joyous occasion of Mother’s Day.

On May 13th and 14th, 2023, a team from Bikano embarked on a heart-warming mission to visit hospitals in Delhi NCR. Their purpose was to extend congratulations and support to new mothers on the joyous occasion of their baby’s birth. Bikano distributed delectable sweet hampers to these deserving mothers, spreading delight and fostering an atmosphere of happiness throughout the hospital corridors.

Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal, COO, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd said “At Bikano, we firmly believe in cherishing the essence of motherhood and fostering meaningful relationships. With our campaign titled ‘Maa Se Behtar Hume Jaane Kaun,’ we decided to honour and celebrate new mothers who have recently welcomed their precious bundles of joy and extend our warmest congratulations by presenting them with delightful hampers filled with delectable Bikano sweets. Through this gesture, we hope to create lasting connections and share the joy of new mothers and their families.”

Mr. Kush Aggarwal, Head of Marketing at Bikano said “In our quest to embody the essence of our #MaaSeBehtarHumeJaaneKaun theme, we were determined to infuse it into our Mother’s Day celebrations. The practice of ‘muhmithakarana,’ symbolising the exchange of sweets, holds a significant place in Indian culture. By incorporating this tradition into our Mother’s Day celebrations, we aimed to honour the remarkable journey of motherhood and create unforgettable moments of joy. Just like Bikano, this tradition is an intrinsic part of our Indian heritage, and it serves as a beautiful reflection of our commitment to celebrating and cherishing mothers.”