New Delhi | 20 May, 2023: According to, on average 97 million viewers tuned in on JioCinema daily during IPL 23, as compared to 93 million viewers on TV. [BARC 2+ | Period: 15th Apr to 5th May]

The digital data does not include the 2–14-year-old kids segment, whereas the TV data is for 2+ age group. The reach for digital would be a lot higher if 2+ data is taken into account.

The TV advertisers have also declined by 40% in week 6. The last season of IPL had 98 advertisers, whereas the present season only has 59 advertisers on TV.

Digital on the other hand has advertisers in the range of 400.

In terms of viewership also, TV continues to be at its second lowest levels in the last six years with a TVR of 4.46 in the present season. It was 6.4 in 2020.

According to the findings of Axis My India Consumer Sentiment Index in May, the younger demographic prefers watching IPL on mobile (JioCinema).

64% of the survey participants in 18-25 age group preferred watching IPL on mobile. On TV, 23% of the IPL match reach is from 2-14 age group, while only 15% is from 15-21 & 18% from 22-30 age group.

The IPL viewership of connected TV is 55+ million, whereas on HD TV it remains at 29.8 million (without outdoor).