Rapido Taps into IPL Craze with New Film of Bike Wali Taxi Sabse Saxi Campaign on JioCinemas Platform

Mumbai, May 20, 2023: Rapido, India’s leading two-wheeler taxi platform that provides convenient and affordable transportation solutions, has recently unveiled a new film of its highly anticipated and innovative marketing campaign, “Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi.” This 360 marketing campaign aims to drive consideration for the category in the rapidly growing e-mobility space.

The newly released film showcases the exceptional value that Rapido Bike Taxis bring to people’s daily lives, offering an ideal solution for everyday commutes. With a focus on convenience, quickness, and affordability, the campaign presents these key offerings in a highly engaging and entertaining manner, making it a compelling choice for efficient and cost-effective travel.

The heart-warming video captures a poignant moment, depicting the vulnerability of an elderly man standing on the opposite side of a bustling road and bravely taking a daring leap across a muddy puddle. In a moment that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the “Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi” campaign, he swiftly reaches for his phone and books a Rapido bike ride through the app. A Rapido captain arrives promptly, demonstrating utmost care and empathy as they assist the elderly man onto the bike, offering a reassuring smile, and safely transporting him to his destination.

Pawandip Singh, Vice President Marketing, Rapido, expressed his excitement about the new video release, stating, “We are thrilled to launch the latest video of our ‘Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi’ campaign. This film takes our messaging and unique storytelling to new heights, illustrating the incredible benefits of Rapido Bike Taxis in a heart-warming and relatable way. It showcases how we provide a quick and convenient transportation solution that simplifies the lives of our customers. The ‘Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi’ campaign is a testament to Rapido’s commitment to providing innovative and user-centric solutions and positioning ourselves as the go-to choice for hassle-free and affordable transportation.”

Enormous, the renowned creative agency, has crafted captivating campaign films that highlight Rapido Bike-Taxi as a smart mode of transportation in various scenarios. Prior to this, Rapido introduced two other films as part of the campaign, featuring a young man and woman who stand out from their individual queues and book an instant ride through the Rapido bike app. Since its initial launch, the campaign has garnered widespread popularity, with the catchy jingle ‘Bike Wali Taxi, Sabse Saxi’ contributing to the brand’s cool and edgy persona on social media. Together, these films aim to position Rapido as the go-to choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free and cost-effective mode of travel.

In a groundbreaking move, Rapido has adopted a digital-first approach and partnered with the popular OTT platform JioCinema to expand its audience reach. Leveraging the massive viewership and popularity of the Indian Premier League (IPL), JioCinema will serve as the primary channel for the campaign, marking an exciting collaboration between the two platforms. Subsequently, the campaign will be amplified through television, while outdoor advertising will serve as an effective recall channel.

Rapido remains dedicated to addressing the daily commuting challenges faced by its valued customers and enhancing their travel experiences. With an impressive track record of completing 10 lakh daily rides across more than 100 cities in India, the brand has become the preferred choice for the masses seeking cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and time-saving transportation services, especially during peak traffic hours.

About Rapido: Rapido is one of the leading taxi services spread widely across all of India from Tier I to Tier III cities. The app allows you to book bike taxis and auto taxis with the minimum wait time, and maximum safety and is super easy on your pockets.

How does it work? Download the app on iOS/android, login from your account, and start booking. Once booked, the amount and captain details appear on the homepage and our captains are at the pick-up location in no time. To ensure your safety, our captains carry an additional helmet which is given once the captain arrives and at no additional cost. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. With Rapido around, let’s keep the traffic excuses at home and explore our cities.