Shesh Thikana

Recently, one more new-age Bengali modern song”Shesh Thikana ” has been released in YouTube and Digital Platform by Chitrajyoti music. It is a soulful song, sung by Mahuya Banerjee.

Jyotirmoy Dutta is the lyricist and music director. Music arrangement has been done by Parnab Dutta and Jyotirmoy Dutta himself.

Saptarshi Saha and Rahul Hati are in cinematography. Mahuya has been ushering in a new era in new-age Bengali modern songs for years. according to her, she loved this song the very first time she heard it. However, she is happy that at last it has been released, after days of delay. Moreover, it is quite pleasant to work with new lyricists and musicians. Mahuya opines that all seniors should inspire newcomers in this Industry. Then only our Bengali song industry will be more flourished. She is always supporting and advocating for newcomers.

The owner of Chitrajyoti Music informs that there were months of plans and arrangements for bringing this song. This particular song was being formed for Mahuya di only. We are greatly elated to get the chance of working with this wonderful artist..Hope to get her assistance and cooperation in the future also.