28th August 2023: As the vibrant festival of Kerala’s culture and heritage, Onam, approaches, News18 Kerala is all set to present a unique array of Onam-themed programs. With the aim of providing a profoundly enriching cultural spectacle, the channel has meticulously curated a special line-up. The festivities will be showcased from the 25th to the 29th of August, exclusively on News18 Kerala. Commencing on the 25th of August, the program ‘Natt Onam’ will cast a spotlight on the cultural rituals and observances of Onam in various villages across Kerala. Another program will feature Onam festivities from 5 colleges within the state. Anchors from News18 Kerala will visit colleges to participate in students’ Onam celebrations, including activities like Pooviliyonam which is onam farming, Thiruvathira performances, and even flash mobs. The renowned talk show “Onam Band Show” will feature some of the distinguished bands hailing from Kerala, followed by an impressive performance.

An interesting session Onam Pattonam session which will play the Onam special. Furthermore, the channel will present a captivating game show titled ‘Reel Life v/s Real Live,’ spotlighting four couples from social media reels, and welcoming guests from various corners of Kerala. There will be many special shows and activities like Poochantham a special Onam flower market, Azhakinte Onam which is Handloon Onam, Sakhavinte Onam an E P Jayarajan interview, Chamanjonam – A celebration with the LGBTQIA+ community, and many more to make the festivities special. In addition to these, there will be a special telecast of a ritualistic ceremony at the Aranmula Temple, where the illustrious 63-item feast is served. Notably, the channel will also cover the celebrated Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

Witness the amazing cultural exchanges of Onam for 5 days, from 25th August to 29th August 2023, only on News18 Kerala