~Joining hands with 40 young achievers under 40 to embark on the ‘Eat Right for Healthier Living’ journey over 8 weeks~

India, August 10, 2023: Saffola, a leading legacy brand synonymous with healthy living and heart health, has launched the Saffola 40 Under 40 campaign. A health movement spread over 8 weeks; this movement is aimed at inspiring young Indians to prioritise their health. The movement commences with 40 young achievers from varied fields, all of whom are under 40 years of age, taking part in the journey of health by adopting Roz Ka Healthy Step and inspiring India to eat better and live healthier. The 360-degree campaign encompasses TV, Print, OOH and Digital platforms to bring wide spread awareness about celebrating success in health, as one would with the 40 under 40 milestone in career.

The movement has been designed to continue to remind young and mid-career individuals to take note of their health, even as several other priorities of life such as jobs, careers, children, ageing parents, etc. demand their time. This lack of focus on health has led to a significant rise in lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes impacting young Indians. Conditions and health issues that were once commonly associated with individuals in their 60s are now affecting Indians much earlier, at the age of 40 and under.

Health is 80% what we eat and 20% exercise, with that in mind the movement aims to create awareness and educate young India to focus on eating better every day. As part of the movement, the 40 young achievers will be guided by experts to make modifications led by eating right and adding mild physical activity to their lifestyle. The participants share their journey and inspire young India to join them and start taking Roz Ka Healthy Step.

It all starts with taking the Saffola Lifestyle Score, a proprietary score that helps assess the impact that lifestyle choices have on an individual. The score helps build further on how the right choices can help have a healthier heart too.

Speaking about the campaign, Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “There is an increasing trend of young Indians falling prey to lifestyle diseases; In a young country like India, this trend is deeply concerning. Saffola has always focussed on a healthy lifestyle and as a thought leader in that space we believe it is our responsibility to encourage young India to eat better and live healthier. Through the 40 under 40 campaign, Saffola is attempting to bring about a sustainable habit change which can better our consumers life. We believe in today’s hectic day and age, earning the consumers attention requires sustained effort and engagement which we will attempt to build using a multi-touch point model to bring the campaign alive.

The Saffola 40 under 40 campaign is spearheading the cause of inspiring India to take health seriously by participating on a health journey with 40 young achievers under 40 years, who will take India on a journey towards better health by adopting Roz Ka Healthy Step.”

Additionally, Jolene Fernandes Solanki, Chief Operating Officer, Madison Media said, “Taking a note of the rising incidences of lifestyle diseases amongst young people; together with Saffola, we at Madison Media take pride in creating this health journey with 40 young achievers and their followers across India. Saffola has always been at the forefront of promoting a healthy lifestyle, and through this campaign it attempts to make a change and bring forth the focus on healthier living. Backed by months of conceptualising and strategic excellence, along with all the stakeholders we look forward to driving and promoting the health journey for the upcoming days.”

Ram Jayaraman, Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Mullen Lintas said, “While the world (rightly) celebrates professional young achievers, we wanted to encourage all Indians to think deeply about another kind of achievement: good health. Saffola ’40 under 40’ Roz ka Healthy Step is a social-first, interactive campaign that recruits 40 influencers under the age of 40 as real, fallible brand ambassadors, to inspire the rest of us towards taking that decisive first (and second, and third) step towards mindfully healthy living.”

Start by checking your Saffola Lifestyle Score and Join the Movement today!