National, April 11, 2023: MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, has launched the #HealthForAll campaign commemorating the 75th World Health Day hosted by World Health Organisation globally. The campaign highlights the crucial need for people to prioritize their health and seek consultations regularly to lead a healthy life.

Resonating with the global theme of World Health Day, the #HealthForAll campaign focuses on the cardinal principle that everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare services in India. It also showcases the contrast between a world where accessing basic health amenities was once difficult, however, in the current scenario technology has revolutionized healthcare delivery. In the thoughtfully designed campaign, it showcases how initially patients had to wait for hours at clinics to get doctor’s appointments or travel far to a diagnostic centre. Today, with the help of digital healthcare platforms, patients can connect with a doctor at their convenience at home.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships, and PR at MediBuddy said, “Access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, but a fundamental human right that everyone deserves. At MediBuddy, we strongly believe in this philosophy and we are determined to make it a reality through our latest campaign, #HealthForAll. By aligning our campaign with the World Health Organization’s theme, we aim to bring attention to the urgent need for accessible healthcare solutions for every individual. Our campaign represents a constructive step towards reaching out to a billion Indians and showcasing the power of technology in digitizing healthcare. Together, let’s prioritize our health and make quality healthcare accessible to all.”

MediBuddy has curated exclusive offers for their subscribers on doctor consultations and health check-ups throughout April. The objective of the #HealthForAll initiative is to provide access to individuals and their families who are keen on keeping track of their health by empowering them to manage their well-being effectively.

MediBuddy marks World Health Day with a powerful call to action through the launch of #HealthForAll campaign

Conceptualized and produced by MediBuddy’s in-house creative team, the video’s total duration is 1 Minute 28 seconds and is amplified across all social media platforms from April 5, 2023.