Granules India

Hyderabad, December 2nd, 2022: Granules India Ltd., a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company, has forayed into a pharmaceutical packaging operation in the USA and will be investing $12.5 million in the new facility at Prince William County, Virginia, USA. The facility will be part of the company’s Consumer Health division and will return previously outsourced services in-house. Granules will lease 79,000 square feet of the Parkway 66 property at 7413 Cushing Road in Manassas and build out packaging lines and clean rooms to package and ship pharmaceuticals.

“Virginia continues to attract pharmaceutical manufacturing, and Granules India’s new packaging operation in Prince William County is an important addition to the pharmaceutical ecosystem in the Commonwealth. we look forward to further development of this partnership,” said Governor GlennYoungkin, Governor of Virginia.

“The addition of a U.S. packaging facility will result in Granules being among the few pharmaceutical companies to be vertically integrated from API to packaging, which will bolster the robustness of Granules’ supply chain while also enabling the company to react even faster to consumers’ growing needs for pharmaceutical products,” said Dr. Krishna Prasad Chigurupati, Founder and Managing Director, Granules India Ltd. “The company chose Virginia because of Prince William County’s responsiveness which allowed Granules faster access to commercialization. In addition, Prince William offers a dynamic and diverse workforce eager to work along with the site’s proximity to several major seaports. Granules also chose to expand within Virginia to leverage its existing manufacturing footprint and workforce.”

“When a global company like Granules India establishes a second Virginia operation, it reinforces our business-friendly climate, collaborative environment, and skilled workforce,” said Caren Merrick, Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia. “The Commonwealth’s pharmaceutical sector has gained significant momentum in recent years, and we thank Granules for continuing our success in this booming industry.”