Amicare Hospital Sets up Robotic Knee Replacement System

March 27, 2023: Amicare, a prominent orthopedic and multispecialty hospital in Ghaziabad, has introduced the first fully automated Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery system in western UP to assist in complex knee surgery procedures. This entirely automated Robotic Knee Replacement System combines cutting-edge technology with Artificial Intelligence and Robotic assistance in Knee Replacement to provide greater precision and accuracy during surgery, leading to a speedy recovery and higher satisfaction among patients.

The hospital is renowned for integrating evidence-based, universally recognised best practices with contemporary technology to give the greatest level of patient care, and now the inclusion of an automated robotic system will improve circumstances for surgical patients. Knee Replacement Using Robots Surgery enhances knee alignment and evaluates the tension surrounding the ligament, allowing the surgeon to estimate how much pressure to apply during surgery. Minimally invasive surgery offers lower chances of infection and other complications since it employs a robotic surgical arm to carry out some of the processes, aiding in areas that require the steadiest hand and navigating tight spaces.

On the launch of the Robotic System, Dr Himanshu Gupta,MS.Orth. MCh Orth. Founder and Medical Director of Amicare Hospital, Indirapuram Ghaziabad, said-“We at AmiCare believe in employing quick recovery knee replacement surgery to provide our patient’s relief from the pain and discomfort they are going through. Taking a step towards our vision we are pleased to introduce Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery which will focus on improving patient outcomes and the healthcare process as a whole with a new level of precision and accuracy. There are several benefits to robotic knee replacement surgery other than being precise and minimally invasive. By the use of the Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery system we can CT scans on patients before surgery to determine the size of implants, the amount of bone that has to be removed, and how much ligaments need to be loosened, right on the operation table which aids in determining the outcome and improving surgical precision.”

“As there will be less blood loss during the procedure due to modest changes in soft tissues and ligaments, recuperation time will decrease. Both the fraternity of doctors and patients will be highly benefited by this system, and it’s going to revolutionize the complete process of knee replacement surgeries,” he further added.