AmiCare Hospital, led by Dr. Himanshu Gupta Join Forces With Abhinav Bindra Foundation

AmiCare, a well-known orthopedic and multispecialty hospital in Ghaziabad, has partnered with Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust (ABFT) to secure the careers of underprivileged young athletes via adequate counseling and treatment.” The collaboration intends to give injury prevention training to coaches as well as free OPD check-ups to sports academic students. The hospital has already been associated with various sports institutes such as Nehru Sports Stadium (Ghaziabad), Noida Football Club (Noida), and Ghumanhera Risers Academy (Delhi) since August 2022

Speaking on the tie-up, Dr. Himanshu Gupta MS. MCh Orth, a Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, and Sports Injury Specialist, & the Founder of AmiCare Hospital stated, “In my 15 years of practice, I have treated many ACL, Shoulder, Sports, and Multiligament injuries during this time I found out that there are many athletes who do not receive sports injury treatment for a variety of reasons, including treatments that are unknown, inaccessible, lack of understanding, and their socioeconomic status. All of this inspired me to do something good for society, so I established a Sports Injury Centre to treat athletes by planning outreach programmes by visiting different sports academies such as Nehru Nagar Sports Stadium, Ghaziabad; Noida Football Club; Ghumanhera Risers Academy, Delhi; to guide them to prevent injuries while playing. In August 2022, we launched our sports injuries prevention programme, where we offered consultations on injury prevention and wellness guidance to various sports academies. Through this programme, we became associated with many academies and well-known sports personalities like National Sports Coaches. To spread this initiative, we partnered with ABFT and became one of their few Ghaziabad affiliates. We are hopeful that with the help of the AFBT, we will be able to spread the reach of our effort to more athletes.”

Sharing a recent experience, He further added, “During a training programme, there was a patient named Mr. Mohit Lamba, a football player from Delhi, who was suffering from an ACL rupture. Unfortunately, Mohit’s family was unable to pay for his surgery, and it seemed like his dream was coming to an end until he contacted us. Mohit is still recovering and will soon be able to return to the football ground with renewed confidence and his abilities.

About the Hospital- AmiCare Hospital provides modern healthcare services and high-quality international healthcare services in the area. By providing the highest level of patient care, the hospital combines cutting-edge technology with evidence-based, internationally benchmarked medical procedures. The Hospital is registered with Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh, CMO Office, Ghaziabad.