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Mumbai, August 14, 2023:– Amazon miniTV’s latest patriotic hit Rakshak- India’s Braves has been receiving love from all quarters. The movie is being lauded by viewers and making their chest swell with pride. Rakshak- India’s Braves is Ashok Chakra awardee, Lt. Triveni Singh’s story that no Indian shall ever forget. The show highlights his bravery, and delves deeper into his life, his passion, and his love for the nation. Evoking the essence of patriotism and pride, the film has struck a chord with the audience with slick-cut action sequences, dialogue delivery and thrilling battle scenes. Directed by Akshay Chaubey, and Produced by Juggernaut, the movie boasts an extensive and talented starcast including Varun Mitra, Kanika Mann, Mrinal Naval, Mrinal Kulkarni and Mohit Chauhan.

Varun Mitra, who portrays the role of Triveni Singh recited an emotionally penned down poetry full of compassion towards our country and soldiers. With the verses of courage and patriotism, touching the hearts with determination and love for his motherland, he recited, “Ghar hamara surakshit ho, isliye ghar tumhara soona hai. Parivaar hamara ek saath ho, isliye parivaar tumhara akela hai.” The poetry is a letter to all the soldiers who are away from their home, for our safety and to safeguard India’s peace and harmony. The lines, “Tumhari ek choti si chitti bhi kya kamaal kar jati hai, raat bhar karvatein le rahi maa ko sukoon ki neend de jati hai.” are potpourri of love and emotion. Filled with intensity, emotions, love and action, Rakshak- India’s Braves chronicles the story of Lieutenant Triveni Singh who killed two heavily armed militants at the Jammu railway station, and saved the lives of 300 civilians before succumbing to his injuries and sacrificing his life in the process.

“I feel it was very important to share Lt. Triveni Singh’s heroic journey with as many people as possible. The film serves as an ode to these patriots, who hold a very high value for the love of our country, above anything else. Rakshak-India’s Braves, is a really special and inspirational movie, thus it makes me incredibly happy to see it receive such an outpouring of support and success. It is an extraordinarily heartwarming tale and I feel delighted and honoured to have been given the chance to tell the life story of one of India’s bravest sons”, shared Varun Mitra.