Shoaib Ibrahim dons a new look in Star Bharat’s’ ‘Ajooni’

Shoaib Ibrahim who plays the character of Rajveer Bagga in Star Bharat’s show ‘Ajooni’ has managed to win over the audience with his character and his chemistry with Ayushi kharana aka ‘Ajooni’ the viewers love their chemistry and adore their love for each other. Rajveer and Ajooni has always stuck together to protect their family and managed to come out from difficult situations. Yet again to save his family Rajveer Bagga aka Shoaib Ibrahim has donned a disguise look.

He is seen in a rugged and rowdy look as Babban the bodyguard. Shoaib also posted the picture of his look on his Instagram and fans are loving the new look. The viewers are looking forward to watch shoaib in this new look as Babban the bodyguard in the upcoming episode.

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