Kolkata,5 November 2022: The classic solo song “Asio Ma Jagaddhatri,” which is centered on the occasion of “Jagaddhatri Pujo,” has just been released by StarManch, the first karaoke app in India on Friday, October 31. Sung by renowned Bengali singer, Lopamudra Mitra, composed by Joy Sarkar, and written by Srijato, this song celebrates the reincarnation of Goddess Durga in the name of Jagaddhatri and creates a splendid ambiance with high festive spirits.

“Thirteen festivals in a year” is the tagline that StarManch embraced.” “Asio Ma Jagaddhatri” is just another addition to StarManch’s eclectic collection of songs. The protagonist of the song is the savior, who purges evil and brings about world peace. The iconography shows the goddess holding a conch, discus, shaft, and bow in each of her four hands. Devotees believe that by worshiping, one can shed all ego and go on to achieve incredible feats selflessly. When the songs were first made available this year as a part of “Baaro Maashe Tero Paarbon” on special occasions like Poila Boishakh (Song Name- Poila Shobaar Thank), Rabindra Jayanti (Song Name-Sondhepakhi), Jamai Shashti (Song Name- Soshti Made in Heaven), Ratha Yatra (Song Name- Nayanapathagami), Jhulan Yatra (Song Name – Elo Ki), Viswakarma Pujo (Song Name- Viswakarma Joy), Durga Pujo (Song Name- Dhekbo Thakur Dhangkurakur), Laxmi Pujo (Song Name- Narayani Stuti), Kali Pujo (Song Name- Dipanwita) and Bhaiphonta (Song Name- Bhaiphontar Gaan), they received a tonne of praise from their listeners.

Speaking on this occasion, Randeep Bhattacharya, CEO of StarManch said, “The Divine Mother, who is responsible for holding the entire Universe and all of creation, is recognized as having the supreme power by StarManch. The word “Jagaddhatri” alone connotes a world defender. Bengalis, therefore, celebrate it as a significant occasion with great fervor and excitement.”