Na Na Na Na SQ

Chennai, 27th June, 2023: Indian music composer duo Vivek-Mervin, consisting of Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon have come together with Divo to release their latest single “Na Na Na Na”. The song “Na Na Na Na” is an enchanting composition that transports the listeners on an evocative journey through the rain-soaked landscapes of the soul.

The song is a melodious track that brings out soulful melodies with poignant lyrics, mirroring the spectrum of emotions experienced during the rains. It weaves together traditional Tamil musical elements with modern music composition, creating a unique auditory experience.

The song is digitally distributed by Divo, who is the official label partner along with digital distribution partner. Divo is one of India’s leading and well-established digital media and music companies, which has recently been acquired by Warner Music India. Divo has played a vital role in the digital amplification of the album.

Starting from the teaser launch to the entire music distribution and digital marketing of the music across various platforms. Divo will be looking after the entire distribution on streaming platforms and publishing along with influencer and content marketing.

“Na Na Na Na” is penned by writer Vishnu Edavan with performances by Saraswathi Menon and Anthony Hadlee. The video is directed by Hariharan A.

Speaking on their latest single, Vivek-Merkin commented, “We are elated to bring “Na Na Na Na” to our fans and once again collaborate with Divo for our digital distribution. This is our second single with them, after Addictive. Digital media today is the most effective medium to connect with the right audience and fans, and with Divo, we are confident to do so in the right manner. We hope the song is appreciated and liked by all.”

Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director, Divo, “We are glad to continue working with Vivek-Mervin to bring our hit and famous songs. Their rendition is pleasant and contributes well to the Tamil Music industry. We hope to continue bringing new songs for your audience.”