Janhvi Kapoor

Why did you choose this film?

It is such a beautiful, simple story and I knew it had to reach as many people as possible. It was something I’ve never done before, and it’s such an opportunity to be able to try your hand at a character like this. Mili truly made me push myself in all ways possible – emotionally, mentally, physically and I wouldn’t do it any other way. When I reflect, almost all my characters have a strong connection with their mother or father and I think organically that’s what moves me when I read scripts.

What message do you hope the audience take away from the film?

Mili, in my opinion, is about how far one would go for their loved ones. It shows courage, resilience and hope – and how it all dials down to family. The film explores the journey of my character in finding her own strength. But what I’d like audiences to do is reflect on their own relationships and strengths.
I’m extremely excited about the world television premiere of Mili. It’s an opportunity for a wider audience to watch and connect with the film and I hope it resonates with the viewers and leaves a lasting impact. Kya bach payegi Mili? It’s time for audiences to know.

The film portrays a father-daughter bond very closely. How was your bond with Manoj Pahwa on set and how do you think it reflects on your personal relationship with your father?

Manoj Pahwa, who plays my father in the film, is inherently caring and warm. He is a fabulous actor and not too many know how humble he is. We had so many heartfelt scenes together and I truly felt a genuine bond with him. This relationship is one of the key themes of the film. It is a relationship I think is incredibly important – it is a source of comfort, strength and inspiration for me in real life.

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