Colors Marathi strengthens its afternoon slot with the launch of 3 new shows

Mumbai 23rd June 2022: In this fiercely competitive market, Colors Marathi has been winning hearts across Maharashtra with its vivid range of Fiction and Non-Fiction shows. Colors Marathi has come up with shows that focus around stories of progressive female protagonists who give hope for the new generation and inspire women. The channel has recently announced the introduction of its afternoon slot with the launch of Padmavati, Geeta from 27th June. Colors Kannada’s successful show is all set to recreate its magic in Colors Marathi. The fiction shows will start from 27th June Mon to Sat at 12 pm and 12.30 pm respectively. Another cookery show “Lajjat Maharashtrachi” is also set to go on air from 2.30 to 3.30 pm on 27th June.

Padmavati revolves around two protagonists Tulsi and Samrat. Tulsi, is a simple girl who stays with her family in a small village in Karnataka. Tulsi is a theist and a believer in Hindu Gods and Goddesses. She believes whatever happens in her life is the wish of Goddess Padmavati and she gladly accepts it. On the other hand, Samrat, is a superstar who is rich and hardworking but is an atheist. Life has its own ways of showing us new avenues and they get married to each other. Their contradictory beliefs create misunderstandings and thus becomes an impediment to their relationship.

Geeta is a story about a girl whose father thinks that having a girl child is a burden. Geeta wants to prove her father wrong and is working hard to thrive in the world. She meets Vijay at her college who keeps threatening her and cheats in the examination. Geeta’s father asks her to drop out of college and at the same time Vijay fails in the exams. Both of them plan to take revenge but under difficult circumstances they get married. Will they come close or the hatred that they have for each other will increase with each passing day?

Colors Marathi will also launch the cookery show Lajjat Maharashtrachi which will be hosted by Varun Inamdar, mentor-guest chef on Master Chef India. This show will bring together different cuisines to the new culinary world for the masses. This show will have guests from celebrities to food blogger. From revamping classic recipes to a fusion of different cuisines, nothing is off the chef’s table. With a pinch of fun and a dash of entertainment, this cookery show will leave you wanting for more.

Aniket Joshi, Business Head, COLORS Marathi Said, “This is the first time we are introducing the afternoon slot in our channel. The afternoon band is the me time for many viewers and we believe that introducing this shows are the best method to make further inroads into our viewers’ homes. We are glad that we are bringing best of content from our network channel in our own language and we only hope that the audience will love the stories.”

Viraj Raje, Programming Head, COLORS Marathi said, “Our goal is to make compelling content available to consumers across all parts of the day. There is a sizeable television viewing audience in the afternoon. Our aim is to present the audience with a gamut of shows portraying various emotions. In the afternoon, usually most of the woman in the family retire and have few moments to herself and the cookery show is a perfect one for them. We hope that the shows with their varied backgrounds will be liked by the audience and they will develop a habit of watching in the afternoon through this shows.”


Watch Padmavati, Geeta starting 27th June Mon to Sat at 12 and 12.30pm respectively & Lajjat Maharashtrachi at 2.30 pm only on COLORS Marathi.