Earlier, to access quality education for competitive exams students opted for offline coaching classes, until Covid closed all the institutional operations. During this time, Vedantu: a pioneer in LIVE online learning, prepared students for all the renowned exams of India including IIT-JEE, NEET, BITS and State engineering entrance exams like West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam (WBJEE), etc. Skeptical about the outcome, students and parents were thrilled by this year’s WBJEE results which clearly show that with a good learning system in place and perseverance students can achieve soaring heights.

When we asked Subhankar Banerjee who scored 10th rank in WBJEE about his experience with online coaching at Vedantu he confidently said “Our course was designed to offer complete training with LIVE personalized learning, engaging 3D concepts, Tatva Smartbooks that focus on the prime exam subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. The teachers were always available for us irrespective of day or night.” Another student Sayandeep Bhowmick who scored 18th Rank said “ I was confident just after my first class with Vedantu’s master Teachers, our pedagogy and strong exam-focused academic content was key to success.”

Rupsa Ray said that “Being a girl child it is always difficult to go for offline coaching and it is a mere waste of time when we can get the same guidance and mentorship at home from best teachers, tailored exam content, mock tests and assignments, and LIVE doubt solving. We were able to access the best study material and learning experience.”

“We congratulate all our aspirants who have secured the top ranks in WBJEE. Our students prove that together we are building the future of education. JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams and our students have secured great results over the years through Vedantu’s Live online classes. These achievements are a testimony of our student’s and master teacher’s consistent hard work, dedication, and practice.” – Anand Prakash, Co-founder & Head of Academics, Vedantu.

Vedantu Students All India Rank Course Enrolled on Vedantu Platform Photo
Subhankar Banerjee 10 Eklavya
Sayandeep Bhowmick 18 Sankalp JEE O + Eklavya
Ashutosh Agarwal 19 Sankalp JEE Elite B + Eklavya
Rupsa Ray 66 Eklavya
Gaurav Roy 72 Sankalp JEE Elite B + Eklavya
Aseem Chandra Pathak 95 Ekalvya Vedantu stars shine again: 6 Vedantu students secure ranking in top 100 in West Bengal JEE