Students should prioritize co-curricular activities and academics to do well in both spheres

In today’s globalized competitive era, it is important for students to ensure optimum involvement and balance in both co-curricular activities and academics. Co-curricular activities provide students a platform to discover their hidden potential and capabilities and help build a strong personality through creativity. On the other hand, academics offers students a knowledge base that is highly preferred at a later stage in career. In the present scenario, established academic institutions seek a good mix of practical skills and theory that would ensure holistic learning for students. Hence it is useful to know that there are multiple ways by which students can strike a balance between these two spheres to ensure success in both.

Don’t over-burden yourself

While the pressure of globalization compels students to perform well in both segments, participating in too many activities simultaneously leads to distorted attention, lack of concentration and poor performance. Hence, students have to prioritize either activity and learn the art of making the right choice about how much activity they can take up. This will avoid being overwhelmed by a particular situation.

Prepare a time schedule to avoid losing focus

The vital part of preserving a balanced life is Time sense. The students need to frame a schedule and adhere to it. A daily or weekly timetable for all responsibilities, assignments and activities and different schedules for academics and co-curricular would be appropriate. Time management is an important skill that must be inculcated in children at an early age for the development of a strong personality.

Maintaining a positive lifestyle is crucial for good health

An active lifestyle is essential in creating a balance between the two aspects. Hence getting adequate sleep, staying active, and maintaining a healthy diet will reinvigorate and keep students focused on specific goals. This might seem ordinary, but in the long run has great benefits for good health. Combining all these with yoga would be the perfect recipe to remain healthy both physically and mentally. Yoga also enables greater clarity in executing goals.

Avoiding procrastination will improve performance

Many students procrastinate activity and this is mostly among those who don’t manage time and keep avoiding important work. Delaying tasks creates stress and you begin to fall behind in work which accentuates stress. It is important to have an understanding of what work is to be done in a day and what the deadlines are so that tasks can be fulfilled on time. This will lead to greater motivation to undertake other tasks and each can be given equal attention.

Adopting an optimistic approach gives greater energy for tasks

Embracing a positive approach and dispelling ambiguity is the right way to commence work or activity. A negative outlook impacts the will to perform and the spirit to implement tasks. There is no end to complaints and if this becomes a habit, work will self-destruct. Both parents and teachers have to ensure that students don’t lose a positive spring in one’s step.

Seeking the right guidance is a must

If you feel overburdened and are unable to focus, then its time to seek help. Schools have counsellors who help you in understanding the problem you face, give you a good hearing and propose a solution. Don’t feel hesitant to approach them and share problems that may have to do with your personal-emotional life, academic performance and lack of co-curricular activity. Schools have realized that there are multiple dimensions to a student’s life and that it is necessary to handle these by a professional. This is why we see counsellors playing a critical role in student lives.

In conclusion, it can be said that you can do well in both spheres by adhering to the principles outlined above. It is important to know that a thin line exists between academics and co-curricular activities, both of which have to be preserved by applying different methods of prioritizing, organizing, and developing a positive mindset. Students who are able to cope with both these domains will ultimately be the victors and go on to be leaders in the long run, especially in a world that seeks multi-skilled and versatile students.

Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School