2nd Aug 2023, New Delhi: The career-tech platform, Internshala has joined hands with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) as the authorised partner to empower India’s youth in futuristic skills. The partnership will impact 3 Lakh+ learners over a period of 3 years and would ensure practical-based, new-age skilling such as data science, electric vehicle, digital marketing, machine learning, programming, web development, UI/UX design, IoT, and many more.

The partnership would facilitate paid internships for young learners and will encourage placement-linked skill training at affordable prices with the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time. On successful completion of these trainings, the learners will get a prestigious co-branded certificate from NSDC and Internshala under the Skill India initiative.

On partnering with NSDC, the founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “We are elated to have partnered with NSDC to skill Indian students in most sought-after skills like AI, EV, digital marketing, HRM, full stack development, product management, and many more. The culture of meaningful internships has grown rapidly in India in the last 10 years – thanks in large part to the startup revolution. And the early exposure to the world of work through internships has empowered students to understand the importance of practical skills early on in their college life and prepare themselves for an enriching career well in advance. Internshala and NSDC share a common vision to encourage career outcome-based training and skill development among the students of India to help them get the best start to their careers.”

He further added, “In today’s dynamic professional world, new jobs are being created every day. Here, it has become quintessential for aspiring job seekers to stay up to date with the latest skills and become qualified for these jobs. Internshala online trainings are well devised by highly qualified subject matter experts and are up to date with the industry trends. Additionally, by being affordable and accessible anytime and anywhere, these trainings make skilling truly convenient for the students and on the go for the students.”

Commenting on the partnership with Internshala, Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC said,

“Bridging the gap between education and employment, and keeping up with the demand of future skills, internships provide valuable real-world experience and hands-on learning in a professional setting, making an individual better suited to the organisations where they aspire to work. Being exposed to the right environment, professionalism, and opportunities to showcase skills, passion, and competence is crucial.

The objective of NSDC’s collaboration with Internshala is to promote and facilitate skill development among youth in India, empowering them to be prepared for the future by applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations and gaining a deeper understanding of their chosen field of work.”