Our conventional schooling approach includes crowded classroom learning, where a large number of students gather in one classroom to study together. While this set up facilitates face-to-face interaction with the teachers, one of the major disadvantages is that students are unable to receive individualized attention. In that effort to resolve the issues students face in educational institutions, the concept of personalized tutoring came into existence long ago and is gradually gaining prominence.

During the global pandemic, when all the educational institutions had to hit the pause button, remote and hybrid learning models were introduced to ensure the provision of high-end educational experiences. During such a transition, learning platforms also started offering online learning or tutoring solutions. These platforms not only aid in learning but also assist students in resolving specific issues that arise during classroom learning. They encourage students to participate actively and ask questions. They even encourage students to instill confidence and independence that is critical for personal as well as professional growth.

Have a glimpse at these top 5 tutoring platforms where students can find their tutors and mentors and seek the required assistance-

1. TeacherOn– TeacherOn is an online platform where students can find tutors, and online teachers to help with tutoring, coaching, assignments, academic projects, and dissertations for over 4500 subjects. TeacherOn assists students across India in finding subjective as well as skill-based tutors within 24 hours of posting their requirements. The platform also provides access to the students so that they can even search for teachers and contact them on their own. TeacherOn not only caters to students but also provides a platform to teachers to find teaching opportunities, allowing them to contact students directly and choose the appropriate learning mode. The platform overall covers learning and training on 4500+ subjects and 500+ skills in more than 250+ languages.

2. Superprof.co.in– On the Superprof website, students can freely view the profile of any teacher and connect with them according to their set of requirements and criteria. Superprof helps students to find the best teacher without having to relocate. The firm connects subject experts with students from across the country using proprietary technology. The students studying for competitive exams can receive instruction from subject specialists on the platform by registering on the SuperProfs app or website.

3. UrbanPro– It is a learning platform for every Indian where students can find the best tutor by comparing different tutors, trainers, and institutes allowing students, parents, and professionals to select the ones that best meet their needs. It is the one-stop solution for education in India that brings educators and learners together for academic and extracurricular pursuits. The platform also helps a tutor, trainers, or institutions based on their expertise to get pertinent inquiries and provide both online and offline coaching services.

4. Tutorme- TutorMe is a platform for online education that offers on-demand tutoring and online courses. Through the platform, thousands of tutors can impart their knowledge to learners all over the world. Students from kindergarten through graduate school can connect with an expert tutor in just a few seconds. TutorMe assists students in mastering challenging ideas, gaining confidence, and thriving. Beyond live tutoring, students can also submit written tasks for prompt feedback from our academic writing specialists.

5. LearnPick- Learnpick is a platform that assists students in cracking exams, developing new abilities, and raising their academic standards. At LearnPick, parents can find verified teachers to teach their children and get class updates with top-notch reading materials and in-person instruction. The platform includes solutions to mock exams that were developed by its subject matter experts. Additionally, LearnPick provides weekly exams, subject-specific exams, and daily practice exams. Furthermore, via this platform, students can receive a thorough evaluation of their performance as well.