Union Bank of India

Hyderabad/Mumbai, July 19th, 2023: Union Bank of India today, proudly celebrated its first anniversary of the Empower HER and Power HIM Committees which were launched last year as a part of its flagship HR initiative ‘Prerna’ to promote employees career trajectory and improve diversity & inclusivity in the Bank.

The event was chaired by Ms. A Manimekhalai, MD & CEO, Union Bank of India, graced by Executive Directors Shri.Nitesh Rajan, Shri. Nidhu Saxena, Shri Ramasubramanian S and attended by all the Senior Management of the Bank along with more than 120 Committee members of the Empower HER and Power HIM across the country. Ms. A Manimekhmalai spoke about the importance of the role of these Committees as they are instrumental in empowering and fostering growth and well-being of the organisation.

Esteemed speakers, Ms. Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Fund, and renowned author, Mr. Gurcharan Das, captivated the august gathering by directing and counselling the Committee members on various topics like how to lead with passion and purpose for building a stronger and successful Union Bank. They also interacted with the committee members with open chat sessions with enriching experiences.

The event also showcased the initiatives undertaken by the Committee members that embody the Bank’s commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable business growth with a vision that aims to unlock the true potential of women and men alike, creating a diverse and inclusive environment that fuels collective success. The challenges faced in past one year were discussed with a view to convert them into opportunities of the future.

As a part of the celebration, a team-building activity was organized wherein the teams together assembled 20 bicycles which were donated under CSR activity to underprivileged children from tribal areas in the outskirts of Mumbai. This initiative aimed to provide mobility and bring smiles to the faces of the young ones, symbolizing the committee’s commitment to empowering and contributing positively to society.