By: Anoop Kumar Bhargava CEO & Director Empire Centrum

An industrial hub, residential heaven and trekker’s paradise, Ambernath uniquely blends the tranquility of green landscapes with the vibrancy of urban industrial living. The industrial and residential developments in the Mumbai suburb are an embodiment of the walk-to-work concept, making it easy for businesses to set shop here. It not only offers an ideal place in terms of connectivity to business hubs like Mumbai and Surat but also ready-to-move-in industrial galas.

Location & Connectivity

Ambernath boasts of a location advantage that is backed by enviable connectivity thus taking care of the transportation concerns of companies. The emergence of industrial and residential township projects like the industrial galas of Empire Centrum right next to or say attached to the upcoming Chikoli Railway station further makes a move to Ambernath extremely advantageous. The Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway and the six-lane Virar-JNPT Expressway provide excellent and easy connectivity from Ambernath to not just other parts of Maharashtra but also important districts in Gujarat (Valsad, Surat) and more further Delhi. Ambernath is thus an attractive destination for businesses in Maharashtra and neighbouring states like Gujarat. Ambernath’s unique location makes it the perfect gateway to many new potential markets thanks to its easy road, rail and air (via airports in Mumbai) connectivity. The expressways that pass through Ambernath also put the JNPT, the second largest container port in India, within accessible distances for businesses to economically tap into export opportunities via the sea route.

Infrastructure & business growth

Affordable infrastructure and manpower are mandatory for the growth of any business. Ambernath provides both as it is an upcoming suburb with affordable infrastructure allowing businesses to expand their footprint without having to worry about space constraints or the financial viability of expansion. Moreover, Ambernath MIDC has opened up several opportunities for both people & businesses to grow. It is also promoting Walk To Work concept. Projects like 400 industrial galas offer built-to-suit solutions for businesses. Such customized offerings in various sizes are perfect for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as it takes into consideration their unique needs. Ambernath is also an upcoming residential area with projects by many renowned developers. Another advantage of Ambernath is that it is just 25 to 30 km (about a 1.5 hr drive) from Bhiwandi, a warehousing hub.

A green city life

Talk of an industrial hub and often the image one gets is of a polluted and congested space with limited amenities. Here is where Ambernath is an exception. It offers a green expanse, affordable housing and a plethora of civic amenities that are mandatory for a good living. In fact, Ambernath is fast emerging as an affordable and luxury option in housing attracting a multitude of professionals. It being an industrial hub also provides several employment and residential opportunities for both locals and migrants who may want to stay close to their place of work and avoid the grind of long commutes. Moreover, it has other unique attractions like the Ambernath Shiv Mandir, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and several scenic trekking locations with opportunities for a vibrant social life.

Ambernath is one of those rare industrial hubs that has something to offer everyone. From startups to small & medium enterprises to conglomerates, Ambernath is the ideal location for anyone looking to grow their business.