India, 24th August 2023: PALMONAS, India’s first demi-fine jewellery brand has released a new film “Thankyou Bhaiya”, celebrating Raksha Bandhan. The film captures the essence of the relationship between siblings, depicting the unconditional love, strength and support of brothers and sisters towards each other.Interestingly, a brother-sister relationship always starts off with tug-of-war and gradually develops into an unshakable companionship that endures forever.

About the Film –

The film opens with a woman entering her new house that she has built with her own heardwork of years. While she recalls her journey she also credits her brother for his support throughout. Each scene unfolds to show a brother who doesn’t hold back his sister but encourages her to fly high. As she follows her dreams, her brother becomes her guide and constantly reminds her to chase her dreams.

Through the film, PALMONAS showcases how a brother encourages his sister to pursue her dreams while being her biggest cheerleader and pillar of strength. The pledge of a brother to protect his sister is not about limiting or sheltering her; it is about enabling and empowering her to explore the vast skies of her dreams. This Raksha Bandhan, PALMONAS encourages viewers to celebrate the sibling relationship that nurtures, uplifts, and inspires because when brothers become the wind beneath their sisters’ wings, they create a world where dreams have no limits.

“This film is a tribute to all of the siblings for everything they do for one another throughout their lives. We wanted to make a video that emphasised the value that siblings bring to each other’s lives by encouraging each other to achieve their goals and always having one another’s back. The film captures the essence of Raksha Bandhan and aligns with our brand value of empowering women everyday. With this film, we hope to inspire more brothers to support their sisters’ dreams and help them conquer the world”, said Pallavi Mohadikar, Co-Founder and CEO, PALMONAS.

“We hope that ‘Thankyou Bhaiya’ will inspire more brothers to come forward this Raksha Bandhan to appreciate their sisters’ dreams and show them love and support. The film will appeal with the viewers because it highlights the bond between siblings and their distinct ways of showing affection for one another. We as a brand believe in creativity and deep relationships, and our superbly created 18K gold plated rakhis collection, crafted to symbolise the unique link between brothers and sisters, exemplifies this”, she added.

Creative Credits:

Concept: Team PALMONAS

Production House: Sachin Dabhade films

Director: Sachin Dabhade

Producer: Amol Patwari

DOP: Nishant Bhagwat

Music Composer: Tejas Chavan

Offline Editor: Team PALMONAS