Shilpi Gupta

Ghaziabad: In the Corona epidemic, we all saw how people lost their jobs, due to which a time of crisis came especially for the middle and lower class families. Realizing this situation, Shilpi Gupta, a woman from Ghaziabad, tried to do something different so that she could light up other’s houses along with her own. She first decided to start a Washcraft (dry-cleaning) company in Ghaziabad and started this journey by giving priority to women employees. It was not easy for her and she faced many challenges but never let her spirits down and moved ahead. Shilpi Gupta not only gave jobs to women, but she also decided to give jobs to less educated, needy women by training them and made them technically self-reliant. In a way, Shilpi Gupta is making an important contribution in the field of employment today.

Starting from a small company, today Shilpi Gupta has 15 franchises in Delhi NCR, mostly owned and operated by women. Shilpi Gupta is providing service through Washcraft with good quality at a very cheap rate, which is getting a lot of love from the customers. Washcraft is making a mark for itself in this field and is marching towards new heights. Not only this, Shilpi Gupta also runs an NGO, which is engaged in improving the future of needy children by providing basic facilities.

Shilpi Gupta, Co-Founder, Washcraft said, “Being a woman myself, I am trying to make other women self-reliant. I believe that in order to take the country forward, not only men, there should be equal participation of women, so that India can progress further. I am glad that Washcraft is making a difference in the lives of women who are seeing great results in their lifestyle”.

Washcraft is a premier dry-cleaning and laundry service provider committed to providing exceptional care for the clothes and items you love. With state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals and a customer-centric approach, Washcraft aims to revolutionize the way you experience cleaning services. The idea is to create an alternative to the typical cleaning experience that often involves deceptive pricing, obscure processes, hygiene insensitivity and the use of poor quality chemicals that harm the garment as well as the environment.