Manka Jewels introduces Gender-neutral jewellery

Gone are the days when only women used to don jewellery pieces from head to toe. In the present world, whether male or female celebrities, we see them flaunt their favourite pieces with great suaveness.

This shift in the mindset and acceptance toward gender-neutrality has inspired Manka Jewels, a Delhi-based Jewellery brand, to launch this new collection. “We have been noticing a significant shift in the trend for jewellery. People of all genders are now willing to experiment with their looks with jewellery. That is why we wished to launch a range of jewellery that would suit the needs of every gender,” shares Mohhit Vermaa, Founder of the brand.

In this range, each jewellery piece has been made of pure Sterling Silver that can be easily paired with other vibrant pieces of jewellery. This new range features four intricately designed pieces: Silver Casting Ring, Silver Rope Chain, Evil Eye Bracelet, and Single-line Solitaire String Bracelet.

Made of sterling silver, the Silver Casting Ring by this jewellery brand is a very simple day-to-day ornament that anyone can wear. Even the Silver Rope Chain, a trendy casual and formal option to accessorize your overall look, can be a great pick. If you want something fashionable yet appropriate for daily wear, you can check the Evil Eye Bracelet and Single-line Solitaire String Bracelet. These two items are also light-weighted and classy, from dazzling a college look to putting the best foot forward in your office.

The concept of gender-fluid jewellery has had a huge push recently due to a fresh perspective on the fashion expression and style of younger television and entertainment idols. Gender fluid pieces are making a strong style aesthetic for 2022, and the demand in India is growing. Such easy-to-style pieces have a higher need than vibrant statement pieces. The all-gender and versatile pieces are often equally adorned by men and have become some of the biggest trends.

Mohhit Verma founded Manka Jewels in 2022. It is a trendy brand based out of Delhi that deals in 92.5 sterling silver jewellery. The brand features detailed bracelets, rings, pendants, and bangles.