KwikFix Auto

August 18, 2023; Mumbai- KwikFix Auto, a leading automotive start-up, has taken a creative leap with the launch of their latest video ad, ingeniously crafted in a captivating rap format. This 54-second commercial unfolds a vivid narrative of KwikFix Auto’s innovative car repair services, seamlessly accessible through their user-friendly mobile app.

Revolutionizing Car Care through Catchy Beats:

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai’s bustling cityscape, the video ad kicks off with a panoramic shot of the metropolis, setting the stage for an engaging journey. It swiftly transitions to a KwikFix Auto technician in action, underscoring the brand’s commitment to delivering convenience and expertise to vehicle owners.

As the rhythm picks up, the screen comes alive with various car technicians, each welcoming vehicles into their workshop. With a quick diagnostic check, the skilled technicians embark on a range of services that cover the spectrum of car care needs. From battery check-ups and replacements to addressing rusting concerns, AC and interior cleaning, premium polishing, and meticulous detailing, the video showcases the full gamut of KwikFix Auto’s offerings.

The Beat of Convenience:

What truly sets this video ad apart is the catchy rap song playing in the background, narrating the unfolding scenes with rhythmic flair. The innovative use of a rap tune not only adds an engaging dimension but also underscores KwikFix Auto’s commitment to weaving creativity into their services.

Empowering Car Owners with Convenience:

The ad crescendos to a lead KwikFix Auto technician stepping into the spotlight, delivering the core message – KwikFix Auto addresses all car-related challenges at the customer’s convenience, right at their doorstep. By seamlessly booking services through the KwikFix Auto App, car owners can bid farewell to the hassles of traditional repair processes and enjoy a superior, hassle-free experience.

Mr. Ravi Chandarana, Co-Founder & CEO: “Our video ad encapsulates the essence of KwikFix Auto’s mission – to provide our customers with an innovative, seamless, and customer-centric car repair experience. Through creative storytelling and a pulsating rap beat, we’re not just showcasing our services; we’re setting a new benchmark for convenience in the automotive industry.”

Ms. Manshi Modi-Chandarana, Co-Founder & CFO: “At KwikFix Auto, we’ve always aimed to blend technology with automotive expertise. This video ad is a testament to our commitment to redefining car care. By highlighting our services with a catchy tune, we’re making a bold statement that innovation and customer convenience are at the heart of everything we do.”