Kitchen Treasure

Mumbai/Kochi, 07th August 2023: Kitchen Treasure, one of the leading brands in spices and masala has launched its latest TV campaign featuring Manju Warrier, the brand ambassador. Launched around the festival of Onam, the campaign focusses on “Purity begins in the kitchen” and celebrating small moments while cooking. The new TV campaign delves deep into the emotional significance of a kitchen in the house.

The ad narrates a simple story on how family members bond with each other, during festivals, and how the kitchen plays a key role as the pivot of all the celebrations. The brand has always been positioned on purity, and this new proposition builds on the logical progression of that idea.

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In a short period of 9 years, Kitchen Treasures has carved itself a sizeable share of the market in Kerala. The brand always stayed true to the purity aspect of their products. Being from the Synthite Group, one of India’s biggest spice extracts exporters, the customers hold immense trust in the brand, and it was essential to keep that though intact in the brand communication.

The launch of their New Recipe Sambar powder was just in time with the upcoming Onam celebrations and Thought Blurb Communications saw this as an opportunity to build a deeper emotional connect with their customers, without losing focus on the purity factor. The idea sprouted from a consumer insight that came up in research. The brand had endeared itself to the consumers and in local parlance, the brand name has been contracted to ‘Kitchen Masalas’.

Speaking on the new campaign, Ashok Mani, Marketing Director & CEO of Intergrow Brands Pvt Ltd (Kitchen Treasures) said, “The new positioning ensures a clear distinction from the other brands in this segment. The strategy neatly dovetails into the consumer’s deepest emotional ties and leverages their pre-disposition towards the brand.”

He continues, “The kitchen is at the heart of the home for most families. Mothers and housewives take pride in the sustenance and happiness they provide. Kitchens across the state define the family and meals are where everyone gathers and engages with other members. No mother or housewife would be willing to compromise on the food that comes out of her kitchen.”

Vinod Kunj, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Thought Blurb Communications says, “We found the idea quite in sync with the aspirations of the brand and the realities in the marketplace. We also found the opportunity to build on a relatable everyday insight that springs from the consumer’s own journey with the brand. Extending this thought into a creative expression, we devised a strategy that stated, ‘Wholesome purity starts in the kitchen.’ This translated into ‘Parishudhiyudeaarambham kitchen-il ninnu’ in Malayalam, which drives home the promise at the end of the film.

The film is directed by award winning filmmaker Martin Prakkat.