A massive job fair will be held in Bangalore for candidates looking for entry-level positions in retail, hotel, banking, management, and finance.

Bengaluru: 28 Sep 2023: A colossal job fair is set to be held in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, on Saturday, September 2nd. Mrs. Kauser Nisar, Chairperson of Presidency Foundation and Mr. Salman Ahmed, Trustee, Presidency Foundation are the driving forces behind this exceptional event. The event is organized in collaboration with the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). This event presents an exciting opportunity for job seekers across various industries to connect with a multitude of reputable companies offering a wide array of job positions. At this event, aspirants in the banking, management, finance, retail, and hospitality industries will have the opportunity to network with almost 100 key employers. The job fair will be organized at Masjid E Khadria, Benson Town from 10 am onwards.

Job fair details:

● The event is open to both freshers (above 18 years) and seasoned workers

● Participation in the job fair is free of charge

● Interested candidates have to pre-register at https://www.ampindia.org/ampjobform

● All attendees should bring 10 copies of their updated resume

● Candidates are encouraged to dress professionally

● Prepare for on-the-spot interviews with recruiters

Mr. Salman Ahmed, Trustee of Presidency Foundation, conveyed his profound excitement about the forthcoming event, remarking, “Our partnership with the Association of Muslim Professionals in presenting the Mega Job Fair fills us with immense delight. The imperative of empowering our youth, who bear the mantle of our nation’s future, cannot be overstated. Through providing young job seekers with direct and extensive access to a plethora of employment prospects, our aim is to imbue them with empowerment. This occasion stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to nurturing impactful engagements between trailblazers in the industry and budding talent. In essence, this event underscores our resolute commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between aspiring talent and vanguards of the industry.”

Presidency Foundation is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of aspiring professionals in various industries. Job fairs provide a forum for networking, education, and professional progress by bridging the gap between job seekers and potential employers. By planning such events, the foundation supports the expansion of various industries and the economy as a whole, in addition to assisting people in finding acceptable employment prospects. This job fair underscores the Presidency Foundation’s commitment to connecting talent with opportunities and contributing to the development of the local workforce.