In recent years, India has witnessed the emergence of numerous companies that prioritize education alongside their business goals. These organizations have recognized the importance of addressing educational issues while driving economic growth.Making a positive impact on education is a vital pursuit for organizations due to its far-reaching benefits.

Here are the 5 organizations that are promoting educational solid initiatives which are helping to break the barriers and stereotypes

1. Lumina Datamatics:

Lumina Datamatics,A strategic partner to global publishers providing content, analytics, and technology solutions had partnered with Space Kidz India to launch a satellite into outer space, Space Kidz India is an organization creating “Young scientists” for the “Country” and spreading awareness among children for a “borderless world.”In this specific satellite launch, a total of 750 teenage girls were selected across 75 rural schools across India and was an all-girls project.The Science and Technology fields are male dominated and with this cause it helped Lumina Datamatics introduce 750 teenage girls to the specialty areas of Space, Technology, and Science. Lumina Datamatics strongly felt it was important to help young women in India and teach them new skills.

2. Acuvon Consulting:

Acuvon Consulting, India’s Leading Holistic Business Consulting Agency has partnered with i-Saksham, an NGO which is working closely at the grass root level in 50 villages in Bihar to create a society where people from excluded sections are well-educated, skilled, and self-reliant.. i-Saksham sees education, digital literacy, awareness about socio-economic issues and vocational skills as core tools to bring capabilities to individuals and societies. Acuvon helped i-Saksham via the development and rollout of “trainer engagement”,” student engagement” and “monitoring and assessment” SOPs.

3. ITC Group:

ITC’s Primary Education Programme addressed the lack of quality primary education in rural communities. Aiming to strengthen the government primary schools’ vast network by stemming drop-outs, increasing enrolments, and improving learning outcomes, the Programme puts in place mutually reinforcing interventions that are coordinated to support a move towards child friendly schools. The Education Programme provided access to children from weaker sections with focus on quality and retention. The Primary Education Programme focused on retention and improving learning outcomes in government primary schools. Primary schools were provided infrastructure support comprising boundary walls, additional classrooms, sanitation units, and furniture.

4. PrepLadder:

PrepLadder, an online learning platform that provides guidance to students on medicine, engineering, civil services, and management, announced on June 27 that they will offer free tutoring and coaching to Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirants who have cleared the Prelims this year

5. Hyundai Motor:

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), the philanthropic arm of Hyundai Motor India (HMIL) flagged off five ‘Mobile Youth Library and Science Labs’ from its headquarters in Gurgaon. This is a new initiative launched by HMIF to provide access to quality education in rural areas of UP. This program is aimed at promoting the intellectual growth and creativity of students by exposing them to a variety of information resources beyond their curriculum. They are sure that the program will help reform rural education and increase accessibility to hands-on learning, embodying our company’s global vision of Progress for Humanity.