Ever since Indian anime fans thronged cinemas to catch ‘Detective Conan: The Story of Ai Haibara’, the next chapter of Detective Conan’s story has been generating a lot of buzz. And now…the wait is finally over! PVR INOX Pictures is all set to release ‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine’, the 26th movie in the Detective Conan franchise, on 25th August 2023. The film opened in Japan on April 14. It became the first film in the entire franchise to pass 10 billion yen.

In 1994, Detective Conan was serialized in the manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Sunday. It became hugely popular and went on to become the magazine’s longest-running series. In 1996, it began to be broadcast as a TV animation. And following that, in 1997, the film releases began in theaters.

‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine’ follows the thrilling escapades of Conan, a student cum detective who ingeniously solves crimes at the tip of his fingers. The action takes place at Hachijo-jima Island where ‘secret tech’ that can change the fate of the world is being invented. When a female engineer pivotal to the project is kidnapped by the sinister Black Organization, it is up to Conan and his Detective Boys to save the day.

Will Conan and team be able to save the day? Will he vanquish the Black Organization? Will the ‘secret technology’ reach the wrong hands? Gear up Indian Otakus as all these questions will be answered in the upcoming ‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine’.

‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine’, a PVR INOX Pictures release, arrives in cinemas on 25th August 2023.