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Delhi: August 30th, 2023 – Blackberrys, the iconic Indian clothing brand that has pioneered men’s fashion in India for over three decades, has launched its latest revolutionary Temp Tech apparel line featuring an all-weather technology to encourage men to experience different climates comfortably with their ‘Wear Your Climate’ campaign.

Blackberrys Temp Tech range uses the patented 37.5 Technology by Cocona Labs, USA, uses dynamic thermoregulation technology that allows the fabric to regulate body temperature at an ideal 37.5° Celsius to keep the body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius, control sweat and manage body odour thereby providing the best of comfort and style to men.

“Innovation, technology, and quality have always determined our fashion forward offerings for Indian men. The tagline of our new Temp Tech range ‘Wear Your Climate’ summarizes what the range offers. It is especially designed for men who are always on the move outdoors, be it for work or leisure. These men want stylish clothes that keep them comfortable in all seasons, hot or cold,” said Nitin Mohan, Director, Blackberrys.

The technology uses active particles made from volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut shells to help regulate body temperature. If the body is cool and is not sweating, the particles use the body’s energy to keep it warm. If one is hot and sweaty, the particles use this energy to move moisture out of the clothing system. The technology also regulates the microclimate next to your skin to achieve an ideal relative humidity of 37.5%.

The Temp Tech range priced at INR 3495 onwards, is now available across all leading Blackberrys outlets in over 350 cities.