Mr. Sudesh Shetty, Founding Member & Head - Marketing at Fibe

-Mr. Sudesh Shetty, Founding Member and Director – Marketing, Fibe

Raksha Bandhan is approaching fast, a festival to cherish and nurture the relationship between siblings. On this auspicious occasion, a basic thread known as “Rakhi” transforms into a representation of fondness, security, and cherished moments. Your brothers and sisters have stood by you in all circumstances, from childhood squabbles to unwavering encouragement throughout your journey.

The celebration serves as a reminder of this beautiful connection. And what’s a better way to express this relationship than to surprise them with trending gadgets that celebrate the beautiful bond between siblings? This gesture will promptly bring a smile to their face and make the day memorable.

Here is the list of some tech gadgets that you can gift this Raksha Bandhan:

• Wireless Buds

Imagine your sibling grooving to their favourite songs without the trouble of tangled wires. Surprise them with a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds that also make a stylish fashion statement. There are many great brands to choose from which one sets the best like Sony, Samsung, Apple and more. Additionally, you may expect savings with the amazing Raksha Bandhan special offers, making this thoughtful gift even more affordable.

• Smartwatches

Show love and care for their well-being by gifting them a smartwatch. These gadgets do more than just tell the time; they also track calories, analyse sleep patterns, count steps, and monitor heart rates and blood oxygen levels. These smartwatches enhance their own taste and customise the watch’s appearance to the next level. This thoughtful blend of health awareness and personalisation captures a heartfelt act of love and affection.

• VR Headset for Ultimate Gamer

A VR headset is more than a gift, it is a bridge to a realm where gaming adventures fuse with your sibling bond. These VR headsets can immediately immerse you in the gaming world. The gaming industry has been completely transformed by virtual reality, which gives players realistic and immersive experiences. In the 3D world, games are now lived and explored rather than merely played. Imagine engaging in dragon combat, space travel, or mystery-solving as if you were present there. It’s a gift that gives gaming and social interaction a new level.

• Camera Accessories

Camera accessories will enhance you’re their love for photography and give them a meaningful gift that will make their memories come to life. The quality and resolution of the photographs are enhanced by using equipment like lenses, tripods, and filters. These technologies provide more flexibility, encouraging them to take more beautiful shots with artistic effects. These accessories are readily available on well-known e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, and others. The experience will improve their photography experience, even if they are a beginner or an aspiring photography professional.


On this Raksha Bandhan, seize the opportunity to offer your sibling gifts that truly mirror their uniqueness and the deep bond you both share. Moreover, take into consideration the financial assistance offered by digital lending firms, which gives you a hassle-free solution and empowers you with the financial means to purchase these gifts more efficiently. Blend your profound emotions with cutting-edge technology and prudent financial choices to craft a celebration that is not only exceptionally memorable but also holds deep significance.