8th Annual Kidsstoppress Awards 2022 presented by Cetaphil baby and associated by Kofol Ayurveda Celebrates Excellence In Parenting and Babycare

Mumbai, 11th Apr 2023: The 8th edition of KSP Awards 2022 was witnessed on 6th April 2023, it was presented by Cetaphil Baby and associated by Kofol Ayurveda. It was not just an evening to celebrate the winners in 35+ categories but also to bring together the community.

Sunil Nat, Head of E-Commerce, Cetaphil spoke about why we need to blend age-old parenting wisdoms with new thoughts and beliefs reaffirming their campaign- #ParentingKiNayiParampara

Dr Manisha Mishra, Medical Advisor Charak Pharma, spoke about how immunity has become the buzzword in today’s times. How we need to include more natural herbs in our daily lives to build on the immunity.

The panel on the real parenting advice we need today with Dr Kamlesh Aria, Anupama Kumar Vijayanand and Harpreeth Suri broke the shackles on what advices new moms are inundated with and why they need to empower themselves. They also spoke ahout how much we focus on what we feed the kids, and we pay very less care to what products we use for them, like skin care etc.

The other panel was on building engaged community and influencer marketing. Shaan Khanna, Founder of Networking Now, Bhavna Jasra, Founder of First Impression and Mansi Zaveri – Founder, Kidsstoppress.com spoke about why building an engaged community is important , how putting out your face on social media, helps people connect to your brand better.

The highlight of the evening was the initiative introduced by Byju’s at the KSP Awards 2022 that made the day even more special.

Byju’s Education For All initiative was introduced and Mansi Kasliwal, VP, Social Impact Initiatives at BYJU’s who spoke to Mansi Zaveri, on how this empowers so many children around us who do not have access to learning devices at home, can now get one with this initiative. There was a booth where volunteers could take pledge to nominate a child who deserved access to education and in turn donate their old devices that Byju’s would power with the state-of-the-art learning content that in turn would help a deserving child.

The KSP Award categories are carefully selected addressing the needs of parents, through every milestone as well as to honour brands, services and people, who are doing what they do with love and confidence that helps mothers and fathers today in #SimplifyingParenting. The winners and runners up for over 36+categories were announced at the evening.