Laughter has always played a crucial role in my life, bringing me happiness and comfort during both good and challenging times. It’s a language that transcends boundaries, uniting people across cultures and backgrounds. The joy of a deep belly laugh shared with friends and family is unparalleled, and the laughter of a child is truly infectious. Laughter has the remarkable ability to uplift our spirits, alleviate stress, and bring people closer together.

Beyond Shame, Ashame, claim or blame – laughter preserved many memories for the laugh over me and spread the smile around too.

when we laugh with others, we create a sense of community and connection. It’s amazing how something as simple as a joke can bring people together

After all, Laughter is the best medicine, and comedy is the key to unlocking it.

To be honest, my love for comedy didn’t start with just the health benefits. It started with the simple joy of making people laugh. I have always been drawn to making people happy, and comedy has been a perfect way. As I started writing jokes, comic poems and performing, I found that laughter was contagious, and it was a fantastic feeling to bring joy into people’s lives.

As an extrovert, I thrive on social connections and interactions through live interviews, and poetry performances, judging several performances as a jury. Especially after 2nd wave of the Pandemic, Comedy has been a fantastic way to connect with others and create lasting bonds. Whether watching stand-up comedy, sitcoms, or funny videos, laughter brings people together and creates a sense of community. And let’s not forget the benefits of laughing with others – it releases endorphins, reduces stress, and improves our overall well-being.

As a 90s kid, I grew up watching some of the greatest comedy legends in Indian cinema. Kadar Khan, Johnny Lever, Laxmikant Berde, and Ashok Saraf were my favourites. Their unique styles of humour and impeccable timing never failed to make me laugh out loud. I fondly remember watching their movies with my family and friends and laughing until my stomach hurt. Their ability to make people laugh while still delivering powerful performances is something that I truly admire. Even today, I still enjoy watching their old movies and reliving those moments of pure joy and laughter. They are true legends of Indian cinema, and I will always be a fan of their incredible work.

As a comic poet, I have seen the power of comedy to transform people’s lives. My poetry collection “Meri Kavita Mere Liye” is a testament to the fact that humour can bring joy and healing to people from all walks of life. My Facebook page, Pen Paper Prachetan, is dedicated to sharing laughter and spreading positivity through quotes and six words stories.

The most important lesson I learned was comedy can also be used as a powerful tool to address important issues and promote social change. Comedy can make people think and challenge their preconceptions. It can be used to bring attention to social injustices and spark conversations that lead to change. Humour can also be an effective way to diffuse tense situations and de-escalate conflicts.

The Power of Comedy - Dr Prachetan Potadar

In conclusion, comedy is an essential part of our lives. It has numerous benefits, from reducing stress to promoting social change. As we navigate the challenges of modern life, we need laughter more than ever. So let us embrace comedy in all its forms and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. Remember, a good laugh is worth its weight in gold!