Today Snap Inc. hosted its debut event in Bengaluru, underscoring the city’s significance as a key growth region and unveiling the platform’s unique appeal to the local youth. During the event, Snap leadership delved into the platform’s growth trajectory, distinctive features, leadership in Augmented Reality (AR), and the compelling reasons why brands are increasingly choosing Snapchat to connect with an exclusive and diverse audience. The attendees also got to experience Augmented Reality try-on booths that offered attendees an opportunity to experience this innovative technology firsthand, providing various try-on experiences, including fashion and beauty.


In India, Snapchat boasts of a 200 million strong user base1. A recent YouGov survey found that in Bengaluru, 85% of Snapchatters use the app daily. The study also revealed that 78% of Indians in Bengaluru appreciate Snapchat’s ability to facilitate fun connections with friends and family, while 66% commend its role in relieving the pressure of posting content for likes and shares – reaffirming its status as the go-to platform for genuine interaction among youth nationwide2.

Commenting on the Young India opportunity and Snapchat’s vision for growth in India, Pulkit Trivedi, Managing Director, India, Snap Inc., said, “India is home to 20% of Gen Z worldwide, presenting an unmatched opportunity for brands and businesses to tap into the priorities and technological engagements of this influential demographic. Snapchat offers a unique platform for engaging these young audiences in creative ways, standing out as a vibrant hub for dynamic users who are not readily accessible on other platforms. Our commitment is to deepen our connection with Young India, making Snapchat their go-to platform for authentic self-expression, real connections, and innovative brand interactions.”

At the heart of Snapchat is a vibrant visual experience with a camera-first approach, fostering creativity and connection. This visual foundation has not only deepened its resonance among young users but also underscored its dominance in augmented reality (AR). In Bengaluru, the survey revealed that 82% recognize Snapchat’s excellence in providing the best lenses, with 80% using Snapchat lenses to share greetings or celebrate festivals with their family and friends – signaling the app’s popularity among tech-savvy users in India’s Silicon Valley2. Snapchat is set to revolutionize visual commerce, offering brands a dynamic platform to launch compelling campaigns allowing them to drive brand preference or purchase intent for their product.

Snapchat stands out as a holistic ad platform catering to every advertiser’s goal across the funnel, from acquiring new customers to driving repeat purchases. Beyond direct-response offerings designed for optimal ROAS, platforms AR capabilities offer a unique edge especially appealing to Bengaluru’s Snapchatters who see its potential in transforming online shopping experiences. As per the YouGov survey, 81% of Snapchatters from Bengaluru believe that digitally trying clothes on Snapchat before making an online purchase could significantly reduce the likelihood of returns2. Yet, AR is just one facet of our diverse toolkit that includes video ads and advanced measurement tools, reinforcing Snapchat’s role not merely as an AR platform but as a comprehensive solution for modern advertising challenges.

Snapchat’s commitment to user safety, as demonstrated in its safety-by-design architecture, resonated with the sentiments expressed in the responses from Snapchatters in Bengaluru. According to findings from the YouGov survey, over two-thirds of Snapchatters from Bengaluru confirmed feeling a strong sense of safety and security when sharing stories or images on the app2.

From the beginning, Snapchat was built as an alternative to social media, to communicate with friends and family in the most authentic way and this differentiation has made it a platform for the youth.

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