At Embassy Group, we understand the significance of conserving and protecting our natural environment. We always strive to align our business practices in a way that will help create sustainable communities amidst the rising deprivation of natural resources and loss of biodiversity. With World Nature Conservation Day around the corner, Embassy Group is focused on preserving nature in accordance with this year’s theme of “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature.”

As much as awareness about environmental conservation has increased over the last few years, there is still a long way to go before positive steps show their results. Therefore, Embassy Group has implemented numerous green practices that are creating the benchmark for eco-friendly operations and resulting in positive change, such as:

Embassy Services has created various green initiatives to assist our corporate partners in accomplishing their environmental goals. Initiatives such as Urban Green, which has yielded 6,000 kg of vegetables a year and helps inspire a love of farming, and the car-pooling initiative in our business parks, Green Rider, have set the benchmark for eco-friendly operations.

Reused over 16,20,800 liters of treated water for flushing, gardening, and ancillary purposes, resulting in an approximately 45% reduction in raw water consumption.

Embassy Group funded a dry and wet waste collection center in North Bengaluru that benefits 10 villages under its EcoGram Initiative. EcoGram aims to create a replicable, sustainable model panchayat in terms of waste, water, and soil. The initiative is also bolstered by the “Ecogram Shakti Program,” which empowers over 50 women from these villages to drive environmental sustainability in their communities.

As a part of the EcoGram project, Embassy Group also supports and monitors the Thimmasandra and Tarahunise lakes in North Bengaluru closely to improve water quality and biodiversity. Regular clean-up drives around the lake, as well as the planting of Vetiver grass, have contributed to the lake’s thriving biodiversity and strengthened the lake bunds.

Taking effective steps towards generating green energy, Embassy owns a 100 MW solar field, which has the ability to generate 2 million units a year. The Group is further expanding the solar capacity to reduce carbon-emitting power generation.

At Embassy Group, we strongly believe that collaboration is the key to revitalising our environment and transitioning to a green economy for all. As responsible corporates, we all need to devise sustainable practises geared towards saving our planet. We believe that our focus should continue to be on creating a healthy environment that is driven by innovation and is the foundation of all businesses.