The Premia Academy

Hyderabad: 08th September 2023: The Premia Academy organized Xperia, an energetic literary and cultural fiesta that celebrated the remarkable talents of students. The event showcased a diverse range of exceptional skills as students explored their artistic and literary prowess through thoughtfully crafted competitions in categories like Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, and Literature. The theme of the event was ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ symbolizing ‘One earth, one family, one future, harmoniously resonated with India’s prestigious Presidency in the G20 Summit 2023, reflecting the nation’s commitment to global unity and progress.

The event was designed to celebrate the power of art to unite people from different backgrounds, and languages, nurturing a culture of collaboration and inclusivity. The Premia Academy believes that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Therefore, Xperia brought together an esteemed panel of judges from the literary and artistic fields to reward them with feedback and insights, fostering their growth and nurturing their talents.

The Premia Academy extends heartfelt gratitude to all students, participants, and judges for their invaluable contributions that made Xperia an exceptional success. Their enthusiasm and hard work were truly the driving force behind this remarkable event. The dedication and passion of the participants were apparent, highlighting not only their individual commitment but also their shared determination to preserve and elevate our rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Sinduri Reddy, Founder & Managing Director of The Premia Academy, said “Xperia was more than just an event; it showcased how art can bring people together, go beyond limits, and spark creativity. It encouraged our students’ creativity and enthusiasm, nurturing young minds and supporting their overall development.”

Adding to this Ms. Trupti Rao, Principal of The Premia Academy, said Xperia was truly a remarkable journey of unity and talent, highlighting the boundless creativity within our community, while simultaneously celebrating the diversity and artistic brilliance that defines our institution.