Delhi NCR, 8th September ’23 – ZEE5, India’s leading digital entertainment platform, and Apex Media, a prominent digital advertising agency, celebrated a groundbreaking milestone in user acquisition and subscription growth with their successful collaboration. By employing a strategic blend of targeted in-app advertising and retargeting efforts, the partnership achieved over 100K new user acquisitions and witnessed a remarkable surge in installations for ZEE5.

The primary objective of this alliance was crystal clear – to solidify ZEE5’s position as a premier digital entertainment platform in India by acquiring new user subscriptions. However, this endeavour was not without its challenges, as the market was highly competitive, demanding ingenious solutions to effectively reach potential subscribers.

Apex Media, undeterred by the challenge, rose to the occasion and delivered cutting-edge targeted display and in-app advertising solutions, supplemented by strategic retargeting ads. Leveraging precise audience targeting and engaging ad formats with compelling creatives, the campaign saw exceptional user engagement and a substantial increase in subscription conversions.

“We are thrilled with the success of our collaboration with ZEE5,” exclaimed [Sumit Gupta] from Apex Media. “Our team’s proficiency in digital advertising enabled us to develop a customized approach that effectively appealed to a diverse pool of audiences. Leveraging our smart bidding algorithm, we successfully tapped into these audiences, contributing significantly to the growth and success of ZEE5.”

At the heart of this achievement was a robust relationship between ZEE5 and Apex Media, built on a foundation of trust and collaboration. Throughout the campaign, both teams worked in tandem, following a continuous feedback process. This allowed for agile improvisation, enabling the partners to fine-tune their strategies and maximize their impact.

“We are grateful to Apex Media for their innovative and data-driven approach,” expressed [Prakash Chandra] from ZEE5. “Their targeted efforts not only helped us gain new subscribers but also brought back lost users, fuelling our growth and consolidating our position as a preferred choice for digital entertainment in India.”

The success story of ZEE5 and Apex Media stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in delivering tangible results for businesses in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. With a strong focus on user-centric approaches, engaging creatives, and precise targeting, Apex Media continues to be a driving force behind the digital success of brands across various industries.

In achieving this milestone, Apex Media harnessed an array of cutting-edge tech tools and data analytics. Through the deployment of advanced data analytics platforms and tracking tools, Apex Media could closely monitor the campaign’s progress, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations. Moreover, the expertise of a dedicated team played a pivotal role in delivering focused and time-bound results, showcasing the agency’s commitment to achieving their clients’ objectives.

As the partnership between ZEE5 and Apex Media continues to flourish, both companies look forward to further expanding their audience base and providing exceptional digital entertainment experiences to users across India.