Mumbai, 6th July 2023: An entrepreneur cum tarot card reader Aakanksha Chopda announces the release of her new book, “VAGARIES OF POWER – Journey from darkness to light.” It’s a poetry book with some excellent lines that will give readers an impression that you’re reading about a journey from the darkness to the light as you see the rise of various human emotions. The book’s poems all appear to be enigmatically related to one another.

Aakanksha produced a book trailer, which she shared on her YouTube channel, to give her emotions some visual context. It clearly demonstrates her vision and directing skills, both as a writer and a director. The book was recently made accessible on Kindle, Flipkart, and Amazon. A feast for the eyes with a lot of grace and creativity displayed, the book is so elegantly and exquisitely designed.

Speaking about the new book, Aakanksha Chopda said, “When things aren’t going well in our personal or professional lives and we’re unsure of what to do next to succeed, be happy, and be pleased in our lives, we can sometimes become caught up in negativity. People frequently fail to include the most important puzzle piece—our thoughts—when attempting to put the jigsaw of human emotions together. I wish to convey to readers through the launch of the new book that there is always reason for positivity and that, despite the obstacles, light will finally shine through.”

Having been a tarot card reader for 15 years, she improved her abilities during COVID by taking courses in candle making and crystal healing, and have produced the most exquisite candles, which were introduced at the launch event. Currently working as CMO at Beyond Luxe, Aakanksha, a devoted follower of Shiva, has composed a poem for Shiva since she firmly believes that all she is, is a result of the Almighty.

Aakanksha Chopda collaborated with designer Archana Kochhar for her opulent and spectacular book launch, raising money for underprivileged children in partnership with Fortis hospital, and selling ultra-luxe healing candles. The show was magnificent and resembled the designers’ collections in a dreamlike, enchanted way. The models on the runway illuminated and elegantly displayed beyond opulent healing candles. It seemed like a dream to see everyone and everything out together.