New Delhi | 30th September 2023: CNN-News18 has announced the launch of ‘The Hard Facts,’ a clutter-breaking news show anchored by Network18’s Consulting Editor, Rahul Shivshankar.

Starting from 2nd October at 7 p.m., ‘The Hard Facts’ stands as a testament to the channel’s unwavering dedication to deliver meticulously researched, unbiased news. At a time when noise and sensationalism have taken center stage in media, this show will offer presentation that is composed, well-researched and purely based on hard facts.

The upcoming show aims to set itself apart through a singular commitment to objective reporting. Spearheaded by Rahul Shivshankar and supported by a team of seasoned researchers, the show embarks on a quest to unearth the stories that matter to the public. It will focus on presenting viewers with a point of view based on well-researched facts, free from any hint of bias, spin and sensationalism.

In today’s digital age, unverified information with rhetorical opinions and fake news is available at users’ fingertips, often causing confusion and leading to misguided conclusions. ‘The hard Facts’ aims to take this issue head-on, with a research ethos deeply rooted in thorough investigations by its dedicated team to guarantee the accuracy and comprehensiveness of every story. Multiple sources and rigorous cross-verification further attest to the authenticity of the information presented.

‘The Hard Facts’ will be divided into two segments: the first segment will delve into the top story of the day in conversation with guest speakers, where the anchor will present an argument keeping the well-researched facts at the core and engage in a meaningful conversation. The second section will provide a concise overview of other key stories of the day.

The show will cover a wide spectrum of topics, including politics, economics, science, and culture to empower viewers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions by presenting facts and enabling them to form their own well-informed perspectives.

Speaking on his upcoming show, Rahul Shivshankar said, “In ‘The Hard Facts,’ I will be the viewer’s guide through the chaos of misinformation. I draw from my 30 years of journalistic experience to deliver only well-researched, verified, and attributed facts. In a world where unverified news and empty rhetoric thrive in abundance, I refuse to compromise credibility. This show is unique – it’s not just news, but a perspective built on irrefutable hard facts. Facts are the foundation of every compelling argument, and here, you’ll find them. I’m looking forward to this journey of navigating the news with clarity and conviction.”

‘The Hard Facts’ elevates CNN-News18’s commitment to ‘Nuance over noise’ to a whole new level, delivering authentic reportage supported by nothing but hard facts.

The one-hour show is scheduled for launch on 2nd October, 2023, and will air on weeknights at 7 p.m. on CNN-News18 and its YouTube platform.