Presidency University Students at the launch of the Rooster Scooter at Press Club

Bengaluru: 01 Sep 2023: The engineering students at Presidency University are poised to transform urban commuting as we know it. The Rooster Scooter, the next generation of personal mobility, was unveiled on Friday, September 1, 2023 at the Press Club in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. This ground-breaking kick scooter, which combines innovation, sustainability, and convenience, aims to completely change how people travel around.

Modern urban landscapes demand new solutions to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce environmental impact. By seamlessly merging the power of an electric motor with the simplicity of a kick scooter, the Rooster Scooter offers an exciting, eco-friendly way to navigate through tech parks and campuses. The Rooster Scooter, born from the collective brilliance of Presidency University’s students, is the answer to this growing challenge.

Incubated at PLA (Presidency LaunchPad Association), Vikasana is a group of gifted students who want to advance the University’s reputation for research and innovation. The students behind this initiative include Samrudh D. Yash (CSE), Kunal G. Athikary (ECM), Mohammed Zain (Mech), Aditya R. (CSE), Sukarna (CSE), and a few others.

One of the distinctive features of the Rooster Scooter is its intuitive design. With responsive braking and user-friendly controls, riders of all skill levels can enjoy a smooth and safe journey. The scooter’s battery can be effortlessly charged, promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle while ensuring efficient and reliable travel. “We aimed to develop a means of transportation that was both novel and easily usable by everyone. The Rooster Scooter provides a solution that meets the demands of contemporary urban life by bridging the gap between practicality and sustainability,” said Samrudh D Yash, one of the team members behind the project.

The Rooster Scooter’s adaptability is limitless. This kick scooter thrives even in the smallest urban spaces, unlike larger vehicles that need a lot of room to maneuver. Riders are free to explore the city in a way they have never been able to before thanks to its small size, which makes it easy for them to go through congested streets and tight passageways.

To make this groundbreaking technology accessible to all, the Presidency University students have devised an ingenious rental model. For a nominal fee of 45 rupees every 30 minutes, commuters can hop on a Rooster Scooter and zoom through the campus. The team is currently using an OEM model and have invested 2.25 lakhs to create the first ten scooters, with plans to add 30 more by the second quarter of the upcoming year.

Students receive assistance from The Presidency LaunchPad Association (TBI) for the project. It offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing support system, which includes free physical incubation support for the first 18 months. This includes designated places with fully furnished workstations, testing labs, necessary equipment, meeting spaces, and conference facilities. Additionally, they provide students with beneficial coaching and mentoring from seasoned mentors and coaches. In addition to giving access to intellectual property and legal specialists, the help also includes recruiting student interns, enhancing business networks, establishing connections with angel investors and venture capitalists for funding, and developing relationships with industry partners. Startups can take use of the free services offered by the strategic alliances, which have a value of up to 28 lakhs INR. M/s Vikasana, in particular, has utilized approximately 7 Lakhs INR worth of these free offerings to develop their startup.

Mr Salman Ahmed, Vice President, Presidency University, expressed his pride in the achievements of the students and the University’s commitment in contributing to the country’s growing tech sector. He stated, “The cutting-edge scooter the students have developed masterfully merges the might of an electric motor with the ease of a kick scooter, resulting in a delightful and environmentally-conscious mode of transportation. Your dedication to sustainable mobility and creative problem-solving is truly commendable. This remarkable achievement not only showcases your engineering prowess but also highlights your commitment to shaping a greener future.”

The Rooster Scooter’s ingenuity aligns perfectly with India’s forward-thinking trend as the country’s tech industry continues to grow. The engineering students from Presidency University are pleased to have contributed to this development and are eager to work on similar projects in the future.